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The Lakers' first NBA title win over the Boston Celtics occurred in 1985. They beat the Celtics again in 1987 and 2010.

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Q: When was the first year the Boston Celtics lost to the la lakers in nba championship?
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How championships Boston Celtics have won?

The Boston Celtics have won 17 championships. They won their first championship in 1957 and their most recent one in 2008. We are beating the Los Angeles Lakers by 1 championships.

When did the Boston Celtics win their first championship?


When did the Celtics get their first championship?

The Boston Celtics won their first championship in 1957 NBA Finals.They beat the St. Louis Hawks 4 games to 3.

First ever NBA team?

Boston celtics,la lakers,ny knicks

In how many Championships did the Lakers and the Celtics meet?

The Lakers and the Celtics, who have won 33 combined NBA titles, have played against each other in the NBA Finals 12 times. Boston took the first eight meetings, winning in 1959, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969 and 1984. The Lakers rebounded with back-to-back wins in 1985 and 1987. But the Celtics renewed the rivalry in the 21st century with a championship in 2008. The Lakers rebounded in the 2010 Finals, outlasting the Celtics in seven games.

Who won the 2007-2008 NBA finals?

The Boston Celtics won against the Los angeles lakers. This was Bostons first championship with the big three (kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen)

Who won game 4 of the finals in 2008 when Boston played the Celtics?

Boston defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 97 to 91 by pulling off the greatest comeback in the NBA Finals in 37 years. The Lakers had a 35--14 lead after the first quarter, the largest first-quarter lead in NBA Finals history. The Lakers eventually led by 24 points, but the Celtics chipped away at the lead. Boston went on a 21--3 run to end the third quarter down only by two points, 73--71. With 4:07 remaining in the game, the Celtics took their first lead when Boston reserve Eddie House made an 18-foot jumper. The shot gave the Celtics the lead for good. It was the largest comeback in the NBA Finals since 1971. The victory gave the Celtics a 3-1 lead in the series. They went on to win the NBA championship in six games.

How many have the Celtics won againest lakers in the nba finals?

By the conclusion of the 2010_NBA_Finals, the Lakers and Celtics will have met a total of 12 times.To date, Boston has won nine and LA two (with the Celtics having won the first eight meetings).

What team came first Boston Celtics or Boston Bruins?


When was the first year the Lakers beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals?

1985. 1985 was the 9th time the Lakers and Celtics had met in the finals.

Where did the Boston Celtics play their first game?

The Boston Celtics played their first game in the stadium called Boston Garden.

Who was the first black coach to win an NBA championship?

Bill Russell, player/coach for the Boston Celtics, in the 1967-68 season.

When did the Celtics win their first championship?

The Celtics won in the year 1957.

When did the Celtics first play to play the Lakers?

On my birthday in 1845

How many championships has paul pierce won in the NBA?

He has only won one NBA championship. The Celtics won the championship in 2008, before that the last one was in 1986. Paul Pierce has always played for the Celtics. He was drafted in the first round at position 10 in 1998 by Boston.

Who won 1941 NBA championship?

The lakers won there first championship. The lakers were in Minneappolis before going to California in 1960.

When did the lakers get their first championship?

The Lakers won their first title in 1949, when the franchise was located in Minneapolis.

When did the Phoenix Suns win their last championship?

They have never won a championship in their franchise history. They have lost in the NBA Finals twice; the first in 1976 to the Boston Celtics and the second in 1993 against the Chicago Bulls.

2d best team in the nba?

Cavilers or the Celtics the lakers are first

How many rings does doc rivers have?

The Los Angeles Clippers coach, who was an All-Star point guard for the Atlanta Hawks in 1988 and member of three other teams, never won an NBA championship as a player. His first and only title and championship ring were won as the head coach of the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics. That team won 66 games in the regular season and defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, four games to two.

When did the celtics when their first World Championship?


What team did Kobe Bryant win his first championship ring?

he won the championship with lakers, he was never traded so therefore it was the lakers

What nba team did a 3 peat?

Chicago bulls did 3-peat two times , and also los angelos lakers did 3-peat once from what I know. EDIT: It was also done by the Boston Celtics, who won the the 1958-1959 Championship through the 1965-1966 Championship, an astounding 8 seasons in a row. The first team to Three Peat was the Minneapolis Lakers, winning all three championships from 1951-1952 through 1953-1954.

Which NBA team won the finals in 1957?

Boston Celtics.The Celtics defeated the St. Louis Hawks, 4 games to 3, to win the 1956-57 NBA championship. This was the first of 11 championships the Celtics would win over the next 13 seasons.

When did the Boston Celtics win their first game?

1946 in Boston Arena