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1900 was the first year soccer was played in Olympics.

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Q: When was the first year soccer was played in Olympics?
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When did soccer become part of the Olympics?

In 1900 it became a demonstration sport in the Olympics, but it became a medal sport in 1908.

In what year was the first Olympic games played?

The first modern Olympics was in 1896 in Athens.

What year did soccer and rugby first played in Croke Park?


What year was soccer first played?

Various forms of soccer have been played for thousands of years but as we know the game today, around 1857

In what year did football become an Olympic sport?

1900 was the first year that saw men's football (soccer) being played at the Olympics. To date, the Olympics in 1896 and 1932 are the only ones in which it has not appeared. Women's football made it's debut at the Olympics in 1996.Soccer became an Olympic event in 1888. if u dont believe me go to's debut in the Summer Olympics was in 1900 at the Games in Paris .Soccer has been introduced to olympics since ancient times.In 1900 at Paris. Great Britain, France and Belgium were the only competitors with Great Britain defeating France for the gold medal.

What year was soccer officially made a sport?

It depends on what you consider official. Soccer was played at universities in Europe as far back as 1815. Eton College established a specific set of rules. Soccer was played at a lot of colleges in the US in 1820, but there were no intercollegiate games, and the rules changed quite often. Soccer was first considered an official sport of the Olympics starting in 1904.

When did the American Women's Soccer win silver medal at Olympics?

every year

What year was tennis first in the Olympics?

In first hit the headlines that tennis was in the Olympics was in the year of 1896.

What country won the soccer Olympics on year 2000.?

Men - Cameroon Women - Norway

In which year were women first able to compete in soccer and softball at the Summer Olympics?

Both softball and women's football debuted at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.

What year was the first winter Olympics played?

The winter Olympic started today the 28th of July 2012.

When did Finland first compete at the Olympics?

Finland was first invited to join the Olympics year 1896, but it didn't join. First time Finland competed at the Olympics in the year 1906.