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Where was Jackie Joyner-kersee born

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Q: When was the first track and field for the Olympics?
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What was the first sport played in the first Olympics?

Track and Field

Why is track and field in the Olympics compulsory?

Hello?! Track and field is like the oldest sport in practically the whole world! It was what started the Olympics in the first place. If it wasn't for track and field, then there wouldn't be any Olympics!

How many years did track and field was in the Olympics?

track and field has always been part of the olympics, since the first games in 1896

Track and field in the 2008 Olympics?

Yes there will be Track and Field in the 2008 Olympics.

What was the first team sport in the modern Olympics?

Track and Field

Who was the first Indian to win a medal in Track and Field Olympics?

Milkha Singh

When did track and field come to the Olympics?

track field came from a black man

The first event participated in the Olympics in track and field for women the first time?

long jump

Who was the first person to win a gold medal in track and field at the olympics?

James Connelly.

The first british womwan in track and field to win gold at Olympics?

Mary peters

How did track and field get into the Olympics?

Track and field events, in their most basic forms, were original Olympic events. They have been in every Olympics.

A summer Olympics event?

track and field

In what sport was the first medal won in the Olympics?

Track and Field, Men's Triple Jump in 1896.

When did track and field become part of the Olympics?

Track and field has been a part of the Modern Olympics since the first Modern Games in 1896. The first event known to be competed at the Ancient Olympics was the stade run, a foot race of approximately 190 meters. So it could be said that track, or an ancient variation of track, has been competed at the Olympics since the first Ancient Olympics. History states that the pentathlon was included at the Games in 708 BC. This pentathlon consisted of discus, jumping, javelin, running, and wrestling. Discus and javelin are the first known 'field' events competed at the Olympics.

Who was the first Olympic gold medalist for track and field?

The first gold medalist in track and field at the Modern Olympics was James Connolly of the United States in the triple jump in the 1896 Games in Athens.

Who won 2 track and field golds in the 1929 Olympics?

There were no Olympics that year.

Where did track and field originate?

At a Ancient Greek Olympics.

Is there an indoor track and field event at the winter Olympics?


Where are 2004 track and field Olympics results?


What is the official name of track and field in the Olympics?


What track and field events were there in the modern Olympics?


What track and field events were there in modern Olympics?


Who was the first african american to win a gold medal at the olympics?

John Taylor (Track and Field, 1908).

What is common to the 1924 1932 and 1936 Olympics?

Track and Field

What is athletics in the Olympics?

Athletics is also known as track and field.