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the first sport ever invented was Rugby, in Greenland! :)

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Q: When was the first sport invented?
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Related questions

Was softball the first sport invented?

No it was not the first sport invented.

Is lacrosse the first sport invented?

yes it was the first sport invented by the Indians

What was the first sport played in Canada?

Lacrosse is the first sport played in Canada which is also the first sport invented.

What is the first sport invented?

soccer is the first sport invented,because it was just simply kicking a ball.

What was the first sports invented?

the first sport invented was vollyball it was invited in china in 2001

Was soccer the first sport invented?

no it was not

Was baseball the first sport invented?


Was bsaeball the first sport ever invented?


What was the first team sport invented?


What was the first sport invented in Utah?


What is the first sport invented by Filipino?


First sport ever invented in the US?

Lacrosse invented by the Native Americans

When was the the first sport invented?

the first sport was invented in Africa when two kids called azacha and arande were kicking a apple around trying to keep it away from each other in1567

What sport was first invented in the US?

Softball was invented in 1887 in the USA by George Hancock.

What sport was invented first soccer or football?


What was the first high school sport invented?


What sport was invented first football or basketball?

Football was invented in the early 1800's. Basketball was invented in 1891.

First sport invented in US?

the first sport in the usa was base-ball (go Texas rangers) lol

When did the first Ferrari invented?

1947 when the 125 Sport was built.

What country was the first to have the sport tennis?

The french invented tennis

What sport was invented first football basketball or baseball?


What was the first modern sport to be invented?

i believe the first moder sport to be invented was track and field..the roman's practice it and believe it or not women were banned from attending because the players performed in the nude (thankfully they don't do that now lol)

When did badminton become a sport?

When it was first invented! It came from an old children's game called battledore and it's an Olympic sport, so yeah: When it was invented in the mid 18th century

Which sport was invented first tennis or ping pong?

ping pong

What was the first sport invented by an African-American?

ToccerThe first sport known to be invented by a black person in America is the sport of "toccer." Toccer was invented by Ron Bronson in 2004.Toccer is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and is the first racquet played on a field, rather than a court.It is the first field sport in the United States invented by an African-American.Here is more info from others:In fact, it was an African-American cowboy named Bill Pickett who, while working cattle on a central Texas ranch in 1903, invented the sport of "bulldogging," where a cowboy leaps from his horse to take the "bull by the horns" and force it to the ground. He became the first African-American cowboy inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame.Toccer is the first field sport invented by an American black person. He also invented the sport of viperball, which is a indoor full contact version of the sport.After playing the game informally, the counselor, named Ron Bronson, Jr., wrote the sport's rules and the game spread. Toccer is the first known field sport to be invented by an African-American. The sport later spawned the development of a new sport called Viperball.The game was first played at Camp Awosting, on Bantam Lake near Morris, Connecticut, the oldest private summer camp in continuous operation in the United States. The game was created by a tennis counselor who wanted to play during rain or shine, but using tennis racquets and a tennis ball.