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Q: When was the first softball championship?
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When was World University Softball Championship created?

World University Softball Championship was created in 2004.

The first international softball federation women's world championship?

1965 held in Melbourne Aust. Winners were Australia

Which acc softball teams has won national titles?

No ACC softball team has won a national championship.

When did Canada win the world championship in softball?

No, Canada has never won the Softball World Championship. Their best result was in 1978, when they finished runner-up to the USA in a 4-0 thrashing.

Have the University of Wisconsin badgers softball team won a national championship?


Did softball form from baseball?

no, softball came first

Who was the first woman softball player?

The first women to play softball was Jennie Finch in 1952.

In softball which team bats first in a game?

The visiting team bats first in a softball game.

When was the first softball game?

The first game of softball was played on Thanksgiving Day in 1887 in Chicago. George Hancock is credited with the invention of the (originally) indoor game.

What is Taylor Smith famous for?

Taylor Smith is on the University of Washington's Division I softball team. Born in 1990, she is a junior outfielder for the team that won the NCAA 2009 softball national championship in Oklahoma City.

Is NCAA woman's softball championship on ESPN being offered on line now free?

bulldogs southern hospitality ok

When was FIRST Championship created?

FIRST Championship was created in 1992.