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1857 in Sheffield, Yorkshire

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Q: When was the first soccer club formed?
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Who is the first soccer club?

Sheffield F.C was the worlds first official football club. Formed in 1857.

Who was the first team to play pro soccer?

Notts county fc was the first formed soccer team. It was formed in 1862!!

When was the first cricket club formed?

The world's first cricket club was formed in Hambledon, England in the 1760s

What is the first soccer club?

Sheffield FC, Sheffield, England was the first football/soccer club in the world and is 150 years old in 2008

What is the first soccer club in history of soccer?

Sheffield FC founded in 1857

How many soccer club are there in the world?

Clubs are formed and disbanded all the time. There are thousands of clubs.

Where was the first Soccer Club started?

In Sheffield, Yorkshire in 1857

What was Cristiano Ronaldos first soccer team?

Christiano Ronaldo first club was a small club in his hometown called Merinda.

Which soccer club was the first to sing You?

You´ll never walk alone

Who was the first female soccer player in history?

There really is no first female individual who played professional soccer. However, the very first female league for soccer was the British Ladies Football Club.

Which soccer club sang glory glory first?

spurs where the first to sing glory glory

Where was soccer first formed?

It was formed in ENGLAND. The first people that created and played soccer were fishermen. ---- When fishermen were bored , they played Football ( soccer ). They used fish net and a ball. Ball was different way different, i don't know what it was that they used for a ball.

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