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The first Kentucky Derby was held in 1875.

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Q: When was the first kentucy derby race?
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How long is the Kentucy Derby?

A mile and a quarter

Who is the fastest pony in the world?

I think it was the Kentucy Derby

When was Kentucky Derby opened?

The first Kentucky Derby race was run in 1875.

When was the first derby race?

The first kentucky Derby was run in 1875 and has been run every year.

Which is the first race of the triple crown?

The Kentucky Derby.

When was the first running of the Kentucky Derby?

The first Kentucky Derby was ran in 1875.The race was ran on land owned by John Churchill.The track is called Churchill Downs today.The race is ran the first Saturday in May.The flower of the Derby is the rose,hence the term,"run for the roses".

When was the first Triple Crown Race?

It is called the Kentucky Derby.

Who is Joe Talamo?

Joe Talamoe is a 19year old jockey who is still looking to winning every jockeys dream,the Kentucy Derby.

What is England's oldest Horse Race?

The Kiplingcotes derby which was first ran in 1519

When is the Kentucky Derby run?

The first Saturday in may. Its the 10th race of the day.

What was the first triple crown race?

The first leg of the three part Triple Crown is the Kentucky Derby.

When is the Kentucky Derby in 2008?

The 2008 Kentucky Derby will be held on Saturday May 3 at Churchill downs race track. The Derby is always ran on the first Saturday in May.

Which was the earliest of the English classic horse races?

The Derby was the earliest of the English classic horse races. They are also referred to as the Derby Stakes or the Epsom Derby. Their first race dates back to 1661.

What is the name of sister race of Kentucky Derby?

The "sister race" for the Kentucky Derby is the Kentucky Oaks. The Oaks is a mile-and-an-eighth race is for 3-year-old fillies. It is held the Friday before the Derby.

Where did the oldest Kentucky Derby to place?

The Kentucky Derby is run in Churchill Downs. The first race was in 1875, won by a horse named Aristides. The Kentucky Derby has always been run at Churchill Downs.

What time does the Kentucky Derby start?

The Kentucky Derby is actually the 10th race of 12 on the first Saturday in May. The start time is approximately 6:25pm

What kind of race is the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is a Grade 1 Stakes race run on a dirt course at a distance of 1 1/4 miles. It is restricted to 3 year old thoroughbred horses. It is run on the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY. It is the first race of three in the Triple Crown.

Which horse won the Kentucky Derby in the race of 2010?

The person who won the Kentucky Derby in the race of 2010 is Calvin Borel. He set a new record, and became the first jockey to win 3 out of 4 consecutive Kentucky Derbys.

When does Kentucky Derby season start?

The Kentucky Derby is run on the first Saturday in May. But for the horses who run in the race, training starts long before. They train for months just for this won race, because it's a part of history.

When and were did the Kentucky Derby race start?

The race was first run in 1875, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY (the same place it's held today). The first winner was Aristides.

In what year was the Kentucky Derby first held?

The first race was held in May, 1875. See link:

What was the date of the 1966 epsom derby?

Derby Day at Epsom was historically (until 1995) the first Wednesday in June which in 1966 was the 1st of the month. Charlottown won the race.

Did a horse die in the Kentucky Derby?

The first horse to die in the Derby was Eight Belles in 2008. She finished the race in second place. Eight Belles died after the race during cool-down by being euthanized because of compound fractures.

How old are the horses that race in the derby?

The Derby is for 3 YO's ONLY!

Who was the first woman to race in the Kentucky Derby?

Diane CrumpThe first woman to ride in the Kentucky Derby was Diane Crump in 1970. She finished 15th in a field of 17 horses aboard Fathom. Diane was also the first female jockey to ever ride in a thoroughbred race in 1969 at Hialeah Park, Florida.