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Q: When was the first intercollegiate football championship played on thanksgiving day?
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In what year was the first intercollegiate football game played?

1869 was the first intercollegiate football game.

Is American football played on thanksgiving?


What professional sport is played on Thanksgiving?

American Football

What sport is traditionally played on Thanksgiving?

American Football

Which football teams played in the first intercollegiate?

Rutgers and Princeton played their first intercollegiate football game on November 6, 1869, and only those two schools can trace back the history of their programs that far. Of course, at the time the sport much more closely resembled soccer than modern football.

Who won the NCAA football championship in 2009?

The 2009 NCAA Football Championship game will be played in Jan. 2010.

When First football game was played on thanksgiving day?


What sport is most commonly played on thanksgiving day?


Why is football played on Thanksgiving?

Because when the pilgrims first arrived at the shores of New England the realized there was no football team so they created the Patriots and football is played on thanksgiving ever since then and we continue to celebrate this tradition.

When did Missouri tigers football win the national championship?

no The Missouri Tigers is the name of the football team of the University Of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. The college's first football team was formed in 1890 by the sophomore class of the "Academic School" (now the College of Arts and Science). The first intercollegiate game played by the Tigers was on Thanksgiving Day in 1890 against Washington University, who had already been playing for several years. The Tigers lost 28-0. While the Missouri Tigers have won 15 Conference Championships since that time, they have never won a National Championship.

What college football teams played in the first thanksgiving day football game?


Who was the French football runners 1920?

There was not a French football team championship played in 1920.

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