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Some guy in the 90's

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Q: When was the first composite hockey stick made and who made it?
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Who invented the hockey stick?

AnswerWe do not know who made the first hockey stick, as hockey in various forms has been played for centuries and the first players did not keep records of their games or equipment.

Where was the first composite hockey sitck made?


What is a compostite hockey stick?

These kinds of sticks are made of composite and are harder to break than wooden sticks. They are the best kind of stick for an advanced player.

How would you classify a composite hockey stick from a wood hockey stick?

A composite hockey stick is made from a synthetic material such as carbon fiber and is seen as lighter and to have more flex than a wood hockey stick. The flex of the stick is often rated on the stick and the amount of flex is a preference of the player. Flex can be seen as important because it causes a snapping of the stick during a snap or slap shot which causes the puck to release at a higher velocity. however often the more flex a stick may have the easier it may break.

Who made the first ice hockey stick?

tyler groth \

What was the first hockey trophy made?

the first wooden hockey stick was made of wood. The wood was elm,Hickory,and smoked wood for the hockey stick............

What are composite hockey sticks made of?

Composite, or 1 piece sticks are actually made of 2 pieces. The shaft is hollow, and the blade is inserted into the shaft, then a coating is applied to the stick, making it look like it is made in one piece. The inside is wood and it is fibreglass reinforced. (meaning it is "coated" with fibreglass) The stick is made of fibre mat and resin in a mould, then allowed to set. It is built up layer by layer until roughly finished, then sanded or cut down to the smooth final shape. It is capped at the end and then painted.

Where are field hockey sticks made?

In hockey stick factories.

Who made the first wooden hockey stick and when?

Answer:Busch made 1st 1-piece comp stickThe first commercial 1-piece composite stick was made by a company called Busch and marketed through various manufacturers such as Sherwood and Itech in the mid 1990's. It was not a commercial success as it retailed at around $200 US at a time when most players were still using wood. The first commercially successful 1-piece composite stick was the Easton Synergy. 2-Piece composite shaft combos can be traced back over 20 years no ! ----------------The FIRST was Jofa Blackshot, made in Norway by Madshus ski factory who made fiberglass skis. This was from 1983 !After that came ''composite'' sticks from KOHO and Titan, but they were not a true OPS and even contained wood.I grew up in a city close to the ski-factory and visited them many times, so I know ('',)

How much does the S17 hockey stick weigh?

It all depends on the stick that you buy. There are wooden sticks and composite sticks. The Wooden sticks are much heavier than composite sticks so most goalies prefer composite. Usually the Composite sticks are about 600 to 700 grams.

What are composite stick mostly made of?

mostly composite metal. or fiberglass

How much is the most expinsive hockey stick?

the first hockey stick ever made. it was carved out of a singled peice of wood sometime between 1852 and 1856. it has a value of $4.25 million.