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Michigan's first televised game was in what year?

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Q: When was the first college football game televised?
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What is the average length of a televised college football game?

3 hours

When did TV start to cover football?

The first televised football game was September 30, 1939 - Waynesburg College vs. Fordham University

When was michigan's first televised football game?


What was the first televised sport?

It was a college baseball game.

Michigan's First Televised Football game was what year?

It was in 1947

What 2 teams played in the first televised football game?

patriots and falcons

When was the first ever televised football match?

Back in 1946 the BBC televised live the second half of Barnet's game against Wealdstone from Underhill - the first televised broadcast.

How long does a game of americian football last?

Depends on whether it's professional, college, or other, and also whether or not it's televised. The average length of an NFL football game as of 2004 is 3 hours, 6 minutes (televised).

What was the date of the first televised monday night football game?

sept. 21, 1971

What was the first US spoprt to be televised in the UK and when?

Football was the first US sport to be televised in the UK. It came only two weeks after the first rugby game was broadcast.

When was the first NFL football game televised?

An NFL game was televised for the first time when NBC broadcast the Brooklyn Dodgers-Philadelphia Eagles game from Ebbets Field to the approximately 1,000 sets then in New York. 1939

When was the First televised pro football game?

The year was 1939 between the Philadelphia Eagles and Brooklyn Dodgers.

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