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In 1946-47 season 11 teams formed the BAA or the Basketball association of america.This the first league formed.In the 1948-49 season the national basketball league was formed.A year later the NBA was formed.

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Q: When was the first basketball association started?
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Who started the American Basketball Association?

James Neismith

When did NBA started?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) was founded in 1946, as the BAA (Basketball Association of America). It officially changed its name to the NBA in 1949.

Why is the NBA called nba?

first there were two conferences, the NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION, and the AMERICAN BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION. But the NBA was better, so they merged into just the NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION.

What is the popularity of basketball?

Since basketball first started it has greatly increased in popularity. Basketball is one of the most well known and played sports in the world. The NBA is a league where proffessional basketball is played. NBA stand for National Basketball Association.

What was the first basketball league called?

BAA (Basketball Association of America) formed in 1898

How many basketball teams were there when basketball first started?


What does a NBA basketball player do?

Well, first they have to get picked by an NBA (National Basketball Association) team. Then they play basketball.

National Basketball Association What was the first name of Smits?


What is a great name for a basketball association?

national basketball association

When did basketball started in the us?

The first game of basketball was played in 1891.

Did NBA stand for basketball association?

It stands for National Basketball Association.

When was basketball first played in Australia?

The first basketball association was established in Victoria in the 1920s.. umm hello the question was ''when was basketball first played in australia?'' not ''when was it established'' geez :o

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