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It is believed that the first NBA three-point shot was made in 1979. The player credited with making that shot was Chris Ford.

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Q: When was the first NBA three point shot?
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Who made the first three-point basket in NBA history?

== == Chris Ford, of the Boston Celtics, made the first three-point shot in NBA history on October 12, 1979.

Who made the first 3 point shot in the NBA?

Chris Ford made the first three point field goal in NBA history in 1979

Who was the first NBA player to shoot a three-point shot?

Chris Ford

Who made the first successful three point shot in the nba?

Chris Ford... In 1979

Who made the first three point shot in a NBA all star game?

Larry Bird

Who made the first three point shot in basketball?

Ronnie Carr of Western Carolina made college basketball's first 3-point shot in 1980. Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics made the NBA's first 3-point shot in 1979.

When was the first three pointer shot made in basketball?

The first three point shot in basketball was made in 1945 at the collegiate level in a game between Fordham and Columbia, but it is unknown who took it. Various professional leagues used it as early as 1961, but not on a consistent basis. The ABA used it before their merger with the NBA. The first NBA three point shot is credited to Chris Ford of the Celtics, but it is believed that Kevin Grevey of the Bullets hit the first three point shot earlier in the same day, October 12, 1979.

When did the nba implement the three point shot?


When did the NBA adopt the of 3-point line?

in 1979-80 season, the NBA adopted the three-point shot.

Who is the highest pointer in NBA?

Three points is the most amount of points that can be given to one basket in the NBA. The shot must be shot from at least behind the three point line, unless it is a made shot that got fouled.

Who sank the first 3-point field goal?

The three point shot has been around in some variation since the 1940s. However, the NBA didn't bring in the 3-pointer until 1979. Kevin Grevey of the Washington Bullets is credited with making the first three in NBA history.

Did the ABA always use the three point shot?

I dont think that they did because the NBA at the beginning never had a three point line

Who was the first pro basketball player to make a 3 point shot?

Chris Ford was the first NBA basketball player to make a 3 point shot.

What was the most significant rule from the ABA that the NBA adopted?

Without a doubt, the three point shot.

When shooting a 3 point shot and get fouled how many shots at the foul line do you get in the nba?

In the NBA, if the shot is not made the shooter receives three free throws. If the shot is made, the shooter receives one free throw.

When was three point play first introduced in college basketball?

The 3 point shot was added to college ball in 1987, I believe. At 19'9" it is shorter than the International version and the NBA version at 23'9"

What year did the three pointer enter high school basketball?

The three pointer entered high school as soon as the NBA created the three point shot.

When did 3 point line start in college basketball?

1979, the NBA first adopted it on October 12th. Chad Donahue made the NBA's first three point basket

What are facts about the NBA?

# NBA stands for National Basketball Association # There are 30 teams in the NBA # David Stern is the commissioner # There is an NBA draft held every June # There are playoffs every year # The winner of the playoffs is named the NBA champion # There are a maximum of 15 players on a team # There are five people on the court from each team at all times # The NBA hoop is 10ft. tall # There is a two point shot and a three point shot

When did the 3 point shot count towards score points in the NBA?

The NBA adopted the 3 point shot for the 1979-80 season. On October 12, 1979, Chris Ford scored the 1st NBA 3 point goal.

In what year did the three point shot originate in the NBA?

when Michael Jackson was white : )

Why is the three-point shot called from downtown in basketball?

Freddie Brown graduated from downtown Milwaukee's Lincoln High School in 1967, where other high schools gave him his nickname "Downtown Freddie" Brown, and he was often amongst the top free-point shooters in the league. Downtown Freddie Brown was captain of the SuperSonics' 78-79 NBA championship team. When the three point shot was adopted into the NBA in the 79-80 season, he led the league in 3 point shots, and during this time, it became a saying, referring to "downtown" as a far shot (3 point shot).

How long is the NBA three point shot?

23 feet 9 inches with a arc of no less than 3 feet on the sidelines.

Who won the first NBA Three-Point Shootout?

Larry Bird won the first ever Three-Point Shootout, in the 1986 NBA All-Star weekend. He would go on to win the award in the next two All-Star's as well.

Why did the NBA use the three point system?

Early in the NBA, no one has thought of shooting from downtown because it is far and has the equal point compared to post shots. The commisioner and staff of nba wants to test the players long range shot and found it very interesting to watch. It started to impress the officials when Jerry West hit a half court shot.