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Q: When was the duke Wilson NFL football reintroduced?
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What type of football does nfl use?

Its called the Wilson "duke". you can get it at sports authority for like 89.99

What type of football does the NFL use?

The NFL uses the Wilson official game ball, called "The Duke". Each one has the signature of the current NFL commissioner stamped on to it.

What type of balls do they use in an official football game?

They use the Wilson F1100 "The Duke" Official NFL Football. You can find them online here:

What was the name of the football used in the nfl during the 1960's?

Wilson has made every single football for the NFL since 1941. The company has actually built a factory solely dedicated to the production of NFL footballs in 1955. The football model used by the NFL is known as "The Duke", named after former NY Giants owner Wellington "the Duke" Mara.

What is official pro football used in NFL?

Wilson is the official football.

What is name ball American football?

Wilson is the manufacturer and brand of the official NFL football.

Who is Kyle Wilson?

Kyle Wilson is a cornerback for NFL's New York Jets (American football).

Which company makes the world cup football?

Wilson NFL football. it was made in 1873, by a man named Russel Wilson. He was a genius in the area in what is now the officail ball of the NFL. Wilson balls are made of top grain leather to provide the best grip u could ask for in balls.

Which state is every football used in NFL games made?


What are NFL official footballs made of?

Wilson Sporting Goods has made the NFL football for many, many years.

What is the value of a Wilson Official NFL football signed by Ray Nitschke?

Anywhere from 350.00-800.00 3/10/2010

Which city and state is every football used in NFL games made?

The NFL's official footballs are only made at the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio.