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Part of the Western Hockey League, the Vancouver Giants are a junior hockey team based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. The team has operated since forming in 2001 and has won a single championship, in 2007.

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Q: When was the Vancouver Giants hockey team created?
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Did Sidney Crosby ever play with the Vancouver giants?

there is no NHL hockey team called the Vancouver Giants

The Vancouver giants are the farm team for which NHL team?

The Vancouver Giants team is a member of the Western Hockey League (WHL) in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). It is a major junior hockey team and is not a minor league team for any major league.

What is the name for the Vancouver's Ice Hockey team?

Vancouver's NHL team is the Vancouver Canucks.

Which hockey team does Michael buble part own?

His favorite hockey team is Vancouver Canucks.

What was Vancouver's first ice hockey team?

while maybe not the first team i am sure, the first professional hockey team was the Vancouver millionaires.

What was the Vancouver hockey team called before the canucks?

They were the Vancouver Millionaires.

Did lucic play for the Vancouver canucks?

Milan Lucic was drafted by the Boston Bruins in 2006 and has played his entire career with the team. He played major junior hockey in Vancouver for the Giants from 2004-07.

A hockey team that starts with v?

Vancouver Canucks

What is Canada's best hockey team?

Vancouver Canucks

What is British Columbia's hockey team called?

British Columbia has three professional hockey teams:NHL - Vancouver CanucksAHL - Abbotsford HeatWHA - Vancouver Blazers

What is a Vancouver canucks team signed hockey stick worth?

it could be in the thousands

If the Vancouver Giants win the WHL playoffs who will be the fourth team in the Memorial cup?

The CHL team that host's the Memorial Cup Tournament is given one berth while the teams in their league play for the championship (Western Hockey League,Ontario Hockey League and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) earn the remaining three spots.