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Q: When was the Russian communist revolution?
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Related questions

Who was the leader of the Russian Communist Revolution?

The leader of the Russian Communist Revolution was Vladmir Ilich Ulyanov, otherwise known as "Lenin."

What Russian group became communist following the Russian Revolution?


The Russian Revolution resulted in Russia .?

The Russian Revolution resulted in Russia becoming a communist state.

Who won the Russian revolution?

The communist party

What was the communist takeover of Russia in November of 1917?

The Russian Revolution

The opposing of Czar led to the frnch revolution?

The opposing of the Russian Czar led to the Russian Revolution, the death of the Russian monarchy, and the establishment of the Russian Communist State. The French had nothing to do with the Russian Revolution.

Who was the leader of the Russian Fascist Revolution?

There was no fascist revolution, but Vladimir Lenin led the communist revolution.

Who came to power after the Russian Revolution?

Vladimir Lenin came to power after the Russian Revolution. He was the first leader of Communist Russia.

Who was the Russian communist who overthrew the Russian monarchy?

No Russian communist overthrew the Russian monarchy. The Tsar abdicated in March 1917 after the February Revolution. A non-communist Provisional Government was then set up. In October 1917, the Russian Communist leader overthrew the Provisional Government. The Russian monarchy had already been overthrown.

What was the radical communist group that took over Russia in the Russian Revolution?

The Bolshevik Party was the radical communist group that took over Russia in the October Russian Revolution. In 1918, the Bolshevik Party changed its name to the Communist Party.

Who led the Russian revolution in 1917 and set up a communist state in russia?

Vladimir I. Lenin led the second Russian Revolution in 1917 and set up the Communist government. Economically speaking, it was a socialist state, not a communist state.

What changed after the Russian revolution in 1917?

After the Russian revolution in 1917 the government in Russia changed. Russia was a communist country after the revolution and led the people to change.

When was the communist revolution?

Mao's communist revolution was in 1949. The revolution commonly referred to as the Communist Revolution is the one that occurred in Russia on October 25, 1917 (according to the Russian calendar; it was March 7, 1917 elsewhere in the world). The communist revolution in Russia is also known as the October Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution.

Who was the communist leader during the Russian revolution?

Vladimir Lenin

What was Russian communists known as?

At the time of the communist revolution in 1917, the Russian communists were known as Bolsheviks.

What radical group took control of the Russian government during the Russian Revolution?

The communist Bolsheviks took over during the November Revolution.

What effect did the Russian Revolution have on Russia?

There were many effects of the Russian Revolution. Some include the end of autocratic rule and the establishment of a communist government.

What was the communist takeover of russia in November 1917 called?

The Russian Revolution

This event brought a decline in Russian literature in the 1900s?

the communist revolution

This event brought a decline in Russian literature in the 1900s.?

the communist revolution

How successful were communist at spreading the revolutionoutside russia?

The communist werent succesful at spreading teh revolution outside the russian

What impact did the Russian revolution have on Russian?

The revolution had a huge impact on Russia. It overthrew the century old system of tsars and instilled a Communist government ruled by dictators. Even today, Russia's government has not recovered from the effects of the Russian Revolution.

In the Russian revolution on 1917 who won?

The Bolshevik's/Communist Part- Vladimir Lenin

What did Vladimir Lenin hope the Russian revolution would start?

Lenin hoped the Russian Revolution would start Communist revolutions in other countries. That was one reason he created the Communist International. He wanted the Bolsheviks to have an active role in fomenting Communist revolutions in as many other countries as possible.

Who led the second part of the Russian Revolution?

Vladimir Lenin led the "second part of the Russian Revolution." This was the October Revolution also called the Bolshevik Revolution which completed the change in government from Tsarist to Provisional Government to Communist.