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The PBA, or Philippine Basketball Association, consists of nine basketball teams. It was founded in 1979. For more information about PBA, check out their official website.

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Q: When was the PBA basketball team founded?
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Who is the highest paid PBA basketball player?

Renemar Lugo of Red Bull Barako Team PBA Salary: P550,000 / month

What is the standard size of an pba basketball?

tall of the ring in pba

Who is the tallest in pba basketball?

ej feihl

Where are basketball referees trained in the Philippines?

at PBA

Basketball rim diameter of pba?


When were the Pittsburgh Panthers Basketball team founded?

in juky

Height of basketball ring in PBA?

The basketball ring in PBA is said to be about 10 feet above the ground. This is approximated to be 3. 048 meters on meter scale.

What year had alex cabagnot draft in pba?

Filipino basketball player Alex Cabagnot was drafted into the PBA in 2005.

Is the height of the ring in NBA and PBA basketball the same?


When was the New Zealand national Basketball team founded?

That would be 1982.

What is the pba official height basketball ring?

3.05 metres

When did the Boston Celtics become a basketball team?

It was founded in 1946 to become an official NBA team.

What team won the pba 36 season?


How much is arwind Santos salary?

Arwind Santos is a is a Filipino professional basketball player in the PBA. He receives the maximum salary that the PBA pays out, which is P350,000.

What year was basketball founded?

Basketball was founded in 1891.

What are the teams in PBA?

well the no. team in pba is none other than the brgy. ginebra kings... do not mind the rest ok??

What are Worst basketball teams of all time?

the worst basketball team is the charlotte bobcats they were founded in 2004 they still have no championships

Which PBA team is named after a company of hot dogs?


What is PBA in basketball?

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), is a men's professional basketball league in the Philippines composed of 10 company-branded franchised teams. It is the first and oldest professional basketball league in Asia and the second oldest in the world after the NBA.[1] The league's regulations are a hybrid of rules from FIBA and the NBA.

What year was Team Canada founded?

There are many versions of Team Canada. They compete at the Olympic games and internationally in soccer, hockey, basketball and baseball. The most famous is the Team Canada hockey team and they were founded in 1963.

Who is the highest paid player in Philippine basketball association?

Mac Cardona has long been the highest paid basketball player in the PBA.

When was MSU Basketball founded?

Michigan State University Basketball was founded in 1899. The first coach to lead the team was Charles O Bemies. There have been many successes for the MSU team - including winning the National Championship in 1979 and 2000.

What is celtic referred to as?

The Boston Celtics are a National Basketball Association (NBA) team based in Boston. They were founded in 1946, and the team is currently owned by Boston Basketball Partners LLC.

In what year pba start?

From 1958Eddie Elias, Akron, Ohio, attorney, founded the PBA…there were 33 Founding Members…the first 100 persons in the organization were Charter Members.

What is the average salary or a basketball player?

The salary of a PBA basketball player it can be 35.000 thousands Php and the another salary is 80.000 thousands Php.