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Q: When was the Olympics flag first used?
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Related questions

What country was the Olympics flag introduced?

The five-ring Olympic flag was first formally used in the 1920 Belgium Olympics.

When was the Olympics flag first flown?

when was the olympic flag first made

What is the Olympics flag used in medieval period?

There were no Olympics, and so no Olympic flag, in the Middle Ages.

What year was the first Olympic flag used?

the olympic flag was first used in 2020 I don't think this is correct as we are still in the year 2009. I believe the answer should be 1920. It was raised at the Antwerp Olympics.

What made its first appearance at the 1920 Olympics the flag or the motto or the flame?

The Flag.

When was the first Olympic flag flown?

the first time we had the olympics

What flag is used to represent Africa in the Olympics?

The flag used to represent Africa in the Olympics was green. A silhouette of Africa was located in the middle with yellow stars making a circle around it.

How was the Olympics flame in Greece first lit?

the flag was first lit when the Olympics begin and as the days go by they lit the other ones

What is the history of the olympic flag?

The olympic flag which has five circles denotes the five continents from where the atheletes come togeter to participate . The flag was first used in the 1896 Olympics by the king coubertin when the Olympigames were started again during him reign

When was the Olympic flag used?

The Olympic flag is used during the Olympics. The offical flag has been flown at every Olympic games sine the 1920 Antwerp games.

Who was holding India's flag on the first day in London Olympics?

Sushil Kumar was holding India's flag on the first day in London Olmpics.

When the british flag first used?

when was the british flag first used

Where was the first Philippines flag used?

inkawit avite the first flag were used

What two countries used same flag 1936 Olympics?

Liechtenstein and Haiti

What year did the Olympics flag make its debut?

It was first flown in the 1920 Olympic games

Who carries the flag of teams in the Olympics?

The team chooses an athlete to carry the flag in the Olympics. It can be anybody.

When was the Scottish flag first used?

The Scottish flag is known as the Sattire and St. Andrew's Cross. This flag was first used in the 16th Century.

What Olympic games and in which year did the motto first appear on the Olympics flag?

well it first began in greece and it began in sprinting

Which Olympics did Cathy freeman first wave the aboriginal flag in?

It was actually the Commonwealth Games Cathy waved the aboriginal flag in her victory lap. It was the 1994 Games!

What 2 countries used the same flag at the 1936 Summer Olympics?

great Britain and India

Who is the bearer of the New Zealand flag in the Olympics?

Mahe Drysdale carried the New Zealand flag at the Bejiing Olympics.

Who is Canada's flag bearer for the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies?

Clara Hughes, a Canadian cyclist and speed skater, will carry the flag in the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony. She is the first athlete to win multiple medals in both the Summer and Winter games.

Does the person carrying the flag for their nation in the Olympics have to be a competitor of that Olympics?

There is no specific rule, but more often than not the flag carrier is a competing athlete.

Who is the flag bearer for japan in the Sochi Olympics 2014?

Ayumi Ogasawara (Sport: Curling) is the flag bearer for Jap in Sochi Olympics 2014.

When was the Canadian flag first used?

The current Canadian flag began to get used after February 15, 1965.