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According to the New York times article the Olympic torch relay did not become a permanent part of the Olympics till the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.

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Q: When was the Olympic torch first used?
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When was Olympic torch 1st used?

The first modern day Olympic torch was used in the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam. The torch relay from Greece to the site of the Olympics was introduced in the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Carl Diem.

Where was the Olympic torch first lit?

The Olympic torch was first lit in Olympia with a mirror focusing the beam of the sun onto the torch.

Where is the Olympic torch first lit?

the torch was first lit in Greece

Where was the first olympict torch first lit?

For the modern Olympic games, the first Olympic torch was lit in 1936 in Berlin, Germany. Those was the first Summer Olympic games in history.

When was the first olympic torch used?

during 200 bc in ancient greece

Is there a summer and a winter olympic torch?

No, there is not a summer and a winter olympic torch. There is only one torch. At the first olympic games ever held, the torch was lit, and it will never go out, so it just gets passed on to all of the olympic games that are held.

How does the Olympic torch go underwater?

When the Olympic torch is carried underwater, a magnesium torch is used, since it can burn even under water.

When was the first Olympic torch lit?

1302 the first torch was lit >:D

Why is the olympic torch triangular?

The torch is triangular in shape - a first for Olympictorches, which are traditionally cylindrical.

Why does the Olympic torch start at Athens?

The Olympic torch start at Athens, Greece because that is where the first Olympics were held.

How did the ancient greek prepere FOR the Olympic?

they used the olympic torch

Who lit the first olympic torch?


Who was the first to light the torch?

The first person to light the Olympic torch was a German male called Fritz.

What happens to the Olympic torch?

After the torch has been used it is presented to the person who carried it, important members of the Olympic organisation or auctioned for charity.

Who held the Olympic torch first?


Who lit the first Olympic torch lit?


When was the olympic torch first introduced?

in 1969

When was the olympic torch first carried?


Where was first olympic torch lit?


Why was the first Olympic torch invented?


Where was the first olympic torch made?


Where was the first olympic torch held?


What year did Greece light the Olympic torch?

They first lighted the torch at Olympia in 776Bc

Where the first olympic torch first lit?

in Olympia, Greece

A list of Olympic torches for reference?

Summer OlympicsBeijing 2008 Olympic TorchAthens 2004 Olympic TorchSydney 2000 Olympic TorchAtlanta 1996 Olympic TorchBarcelona 1992 Olympic TorchSeoul 1988 Olympic TorchLos Angeles 1984 Olympic TorchMoscow 1980 Olympic TorchMontreal 1976 Olympic TorchMunich 1972 Olympic TorchMexico City 1968 Olympic TorchTokyo 1964 Olympic TorchRome 1960 Olympic TorchMelbourne 1956 Olympic TorchHelsinki 1952 Olympic TorchLondon 1948 Olympic TorchBerlin 1936 Olympic Torch