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It was invented on August 3, 1949. The two Basketball leagues back then merged together. The two basketball leagues were the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the National Basketball League (NBL).

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Q: When was the NBA invented?
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Who invented the NBA?

Sonam Aheer invented the NBA

What year was the NBA invented?

It was invented in 1891.

Where was the NBA invented?


What are the benefits of the NBA?

watching the NBA, its the best sport ever invented, playing in the nba ur filthy rich

Who was the inventor of NBA?

Joe Naismith invented it in 1889. It became the NBA in 1949

Who invented NBA?

Raeshaun samoa

How was the NBA invented?

James Naismith invented the game of basketball which then led to many different organizations of basketball. At the end two organizations combined to as what we know right now, the NBA.

Who invented the granny shot in nba?

Dave Gambee

When was the nba first invented?

In 1891 the game was invented by Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian who hailed from Almonte, Ontario.

Who invented NBA live?

Many people contributed to this, not just one. EA Sports though was the company i believe who invented it.

Who invented the Eurostep?

It was created by Lithuanians, but popularized by Manu Ginobili in the NBA

Who invented NBA basketball and why?

James naismath because he felt like it =)

When did the NBA height become 10 ft?

when the sport of basketball was invented

When was the NBA Championship invented?

The first NBA Finals were held in 1947, when the Philadelphia Warriors beat the Chicago Stags 4 games to 1. The NBA Championship has been held each year in June ever since.

Why was the shot clock introduced to the NBA?

The shot clock was introduced to the NBA for two main reasons. It was invented to prevent either team from stalling and to make the game faster.

Why is James naismith important?

Because he invented BASKETBLL without basketball there would be no NBA

What is the value of a 1989 Tom Chambers NBA Hoops card?

how invented the washing machian

Which country was NBA invented in?

The NBA was established in the United States. It started out as the Basketball Association of America in New York City in 1946. In 1949 the league incorporated teams from the National Basketball League and became the National Basketball Association or NBA.

When basketball was invented what was the average height of the players?

Basketball started in 1891 and the average height of NBA players is about 6 foot 6

When was basketball first introduced at the high school level?

Around the time basketball was invented. It hit high school before turning into the NBA.

When was NBA established and what year was it?

It was invented in 1856 but back then they played with peach baskets so when they made it they had to climb up and get the ball out hope this helps

How did basketball become an American sport?

Basketball was invented in America by a P.E. teacher to begin with. Many people loved the new game he invented, and it started spreading rapidly. Eventually, the sport was made into a professional sport, the NBA, and caught on quickly.

When basketball first started how many points was each basketball?

Free throws were 1 point all other baskets were 2 points there was no 3 point line until the NBA merged with the ABA. the ABA invented the 3-point arc introducing it to the NBA in their merge in1976

What is the most grammatically correct way of describing an NBA player in the NBA of the NBA or with the NBA?

In the NBA.

Acronym for the world's largest basketball association?

NBA (National Basketball Association)