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In 1991 the Minnesota Twins won fifteen straight games.

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15 games.100% sure

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Q: When was the Minnesota twins longest winning streak?
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Who broke the 20 game winning streak of the Oakland A's?

Minnesota Twins

What is the Twins longest winning streak?

15 games, from 1 June to 16 June in 1991.

What Minnesota Twin has played the longest in a Twins uniform?

Kent Hrbek - #14

When was Minnesota Twins created?

Minnesota Twins was created in 1894.

Who is the twins baseball player Joe Mauer?

Joe Mauer is The Minnesota Twins Catcher Joe Mauer is the Minnesota Twins Catcher

What is the Minnesota Twins study?

Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart

What is Phil lesh favorite baseball team?

Minnesota Twins

What was last time a baseball team had both a player winning the MVP award and another player winning the Cy Young award?

2006 when Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins was American League MVP and Johan Santana of the Twins won the AL Cy Young.

Who is 52 on the Minnesota Twins?

In 2009, Brian Duensing wore #52 for the Minnesota Twins.

How much does the Minnesota Twins make?

Last year, the Minnesota Twins' payroll was $97,559,167.

What is Anthony Swarzak's number on the Minnesota Twins?

Anthony Swarzak is number 51 on the Minnesota Twins.

What is Brian Duensing's number on the Minnesota Twins?

Brian Duensing is number 52 on the Minnesota Twins.