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the model 80 was made between 35-59

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Q: When was the Marlin Model 80 produced?
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What is the age of a marlin model 80?

From my research, the Marlin mod. 80 was produced from 1934 to 1971. Pre 1964 .22s were not required to have serial numbers. Puddlejumper

When was the marlin model 80 made?


When was the marlin model 80G produced?

The Marlin model 80G was a promotional model that was made from 1960-1965.

What magazine fits the glenfeild model 25?

A Marlin magazine. The model 25 is the same as a Marlin model 80.

What is age of a marlin model 336 serial 24110916?

Your Marlin model 336 was produced in 1976.

What year is the marlin model 80 dl bolt action 22 from?

The marlin model 80dl was made by marlin from 1940-1965.

Is the j c Higgins model 103.228 and marlin model 80 the same rifle?

Both the Sears 103.2 and the 103.228 models are a Marlin Model 80 rifle.

What year was the Marlin model 1936 produced?

The model 36 Marlin rifle was made from 1936-1947.

Where can you find disassembly instructions for a Marlin Model 80 rifle?

Contact Marlin.

Is there a 10 round magazine for marlin model-80?


What is the age of a Marlin 30 30 model 336 serial 24110916?

Your marlin model 336 was produced in 1976.

What is manufacture date for marlin pump shotgun with hammer exposed model no 24?

The Marlin model 24 shotgun was produced by Marlin from 1908-1915.

How old is the marlin model 80?


Where can you find a magazine tube for a Winchester model 80-22 short?

Never heard of a Winchester model 80. There is a Marlin model 80.

When was a marlin model 375 produced?


What year was the original model of the marlin 444 rifle discountinued?

The original Marlin model 444 was produced from 1965-1971.

Who made the Sears model 42-103 22 Cal Rifle?

Made by Marlin....same as the Marlin Model 80

How old is a marlin 30-30 model 1893 serial number 184419?

your marlin model 1893 was produced in 1899.

Marlin 80-dl22cal-s-l-lr is stamped on barrel is this a rare gun?

No, the Marlin Model 80 bolt action rimfire rifles were a very common produced rifle during the mid 20th century.

What is value of marlin model 80E?

The value of a Marlin model 80E which was produced from 1934-1940,and was a promotional model is 55-100 dollars on todays market.

Who made the ranger model 36 22 cal rifle?

Marlin model 80

Who made sears ted Williams model 42?

Same as a Marlin model 80

What is the difference between a Marlin Model 80 and Model 81?

The model 80 uses a detachable magazine whereas the model 81 has an attached tube magazine.

What is the age of a marlin 780 serial number 23717145?

Your Marlin model 780 was produced in the year 1977.

Marlin golden model 39-a what is a 22 long rifle marlin golden model 39-a?

The Marlin Model Golden 39A is the oldest and longest continuously produced shoulder firearm (rifle) in the world.