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The Jackie Robinson Foundation was founded by Jackie's wife, Rachel Robinson, in 1973. After Jackie Robinson passed away in 1972, Rachel Robinson wanted to honor her husband's memories and perpetuate his dreams through this non-profit organization. The Foundation's purpose is to provide higher education opportunities and leadership skills to needy African-American students.

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Jackie Robinson House was created in 1947.

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Q: When was the Jackie Robinson Foundation started?
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When was Jackie Robinson Foundation created?

Jackie Robinson Foundation was created in 1973.

Did Jackie Robinson do any charity work?

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What was Jackie Robinson's motto?

The Jackie Robinson Foundation's motto was created by its founder. It was, "A life is not important except for the impact it has on others' lives."

What is the Jackie Robinson Construction Corporation?

Jackie Robinson started the Jackie Robinson Construction Company in 1970 to build houses for low to middle income black families.

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Does Jackie Robinson have a charity or organization that benefits others?

Yes, the Jackie Robinson Foundation established by his widow, Rachel Robinson, in 1973. Its mission is to help under-served African American students advance in higher education. The Foundation awards four-year scholarships and mentoring programs in leadership development to deserving students.

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