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Q: When was the Detroit home and flower show held at cobo arena?
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What stadium was the 2008 eurovison held in?

Belgrade Arena

What is the arena called where the 2012 Olympics are going to be held?

Basketball Arena, North Greenwich Arena, Riverbank Arena, Water Polo Arena, Wembley Arena.

When was the first Detroit Red Wings game played at Joe Louis Arena?

Joe Louis Arena, built between 1977 and 1979, held its first event on December 12, 1979: a college basketball game featuring the University of Michigan and University of Detroit. Fifteen days later, the Detroit Red Wings hosted the St. Louis Blues, losing to the Blues 3-2. The Red Wings have won two of their past four Stanley Cups on home ice at the Joe in 1997 and 2002. The arena has also hosted the Detroit Rockers (soccer), Detroit Pistons (NBA - temporary), Detroit Compuware Ambassadors/Junior Red Wings (OHL), Detroit Drive (AFL), Detroit Turbos (lacrosse), and Detroit Shock (WNBA - temporary).

Is bull fighting held in an arena?

Bullfights are usually held in a special arena called, in Spanish, a Plaza de Toros.

Where was the WWE Royal Rumble held in 2009?

In 2009 the WWE Royal Rumble was held January 25,2009. The event was held in the Joe Lewis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. The main match is the Royal Rumble that has 23 men in the ring and last one left in the ring wins.

What is a sentence for arena?

The main event is always held in the center arena. Meet me at the arena, near the concession stand.

What are some of the events held in the Sears Center arena?

Some of the events held in the "Sears Center" arena include the "Tyson American Cup" and the women's "Big Ten" basketball tournament. Concerts are also a popular event held in the arena.

Where were Roman contests held?

Contest in ancient Rome were held in the places that suited them. The chariot races were held in the Circus, the gladiatorial contests were held in an arena and the poetry contests were held in a theater.

What arena was the 2010 World Cup held in?

The 2010 World Cup was held in South Africa. This arena is named The First National Bank Stadium or FNB for short. This arena holds a capacity of 94, 736.

What is the name of the venue of gynastics in London?

The trampoline events were held at the North Greenwich Arena and the artistic events were also held at the North Greenwich Arena. The rhythmic gymnastics events took place at Wembley Arena.

How many people did the old Winnipeg arena carry?

the old arena held 15 393 for hockey.

A large building in which many sports are held in?