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The current Ravens Stadium (M&T Bank Stadium), located across the street from Oriole Park at Camden Yards, was built over the 1996 and 1997 seasons after the Ravens moved from Cleveland after the 1995 season. During those 2 years, the Ravens played at Memorial Stadium on 32nd Street in Baltimore, where the old Baltimore Colts and the Baltimore Stallions of the CFL played.

The stadium has been known by several names, including PSINet Stadium, Ravens Stadium, and M&T Bank Stadium.

The stadium opened for the 1998 NFL season. It seats nearly 72,000 fans, and was voted in 2012 as the loudest stadium (fan noise) in the NFL. Its audio and video system is also state-of-the-art, with 2 100'x20' HD screens at each end of the stadium.

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Q: When was the Baltimore Ravens stadium built?
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What happened to the club in Baltimore named hammerjacks?

it was in the way. the ravens needed more parking when the stadium was built.

What stadium that the Ravens play in during their first year in Baltimore?

Memorial Stadium

When did the Baltimore Ravens franchise start?

Based in Baltimore since 1996. Played at M&T Bank Stadium since 1998. Played 1996 and 1997 at Memorial Stadium

Which state does the bultimore ravens in the US?

The Baltimore Ravens are based in Baltimore, Maryland. They play home games at M&T Bank Stadium.

Who sponsors Baltimore ravens?

M&T Bank is the Baltimore Raven's main sponsor. Hence the name of their stadium, "M&T Bank Stadium".

Which is correct Baltimore Ravens are or Baltimore Ravens is?

Baltimore Ravens are. Like in the sentence the Baltimore ravens are awesome!

What are facts about the ravens?

They were named after Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven. There are no real Ravens in Baltimore expect at the zoo. They are using the old Colts band. Their stadium is only been used 11 seasons (1998-2009) but had had three name's: Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards, PSI Net Stadium, and M&T Bank Stadium. M&T Bank Stadium is their 2rd Baltimore stadium, they used Memorial Stadium from in 1996 and 1997. They have several old hall of fame Colt players in their ring of honor.

Are the Baltimore Ravens getting a new stadium?

M&T Bank Stadium ("The Bank") was constructed between 1996 and 1998, and was ready for the 1998 season. Even just 15 years old, it is still considered one of the finest venues in the NFL, and won't be replaced anytime soon.

What team's stadium is called Camden Yards?

The stadiums are used by the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball and the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League

Where can one purchase Baltimore Ravens tickets online?

In order to get a ticket for the NFL team Baltimore Ravens, the homepage of the team is the best place to look for it. The Ravens' page offers a stadium diagram and lots of other features to search for the right place and the right ticket.

What is the M and T Bank stadium?

M&T Bank Stadium ("The Bank") is the current home and playing field for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. The stadium, located just a mile from downtown Baltimore, is also just blocks from where Edgar Allan Poe lived and is buried in Baltimore. His poem, "The Raven", was the inspiration for the Ravens name.It is also literally about a block from Oriole Park, where the Baltimore Orioles play. Both teams share parking and transportation facilities.Built between 1996 and 1998 (it opened for the 1998 season opener), the stadium is considered by the league to be one of the finest facilities in the NFL, and the loudest. It currently holds a capacity crowd of just under 72,000.Over the years, it has been known as Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards, PSI Net Stadium, Ravens Stadium, and M&T Bank Stadium.

What is the Baltimore Ravens mailing address?

M&T Bank Stadium 1101 Russell Street Baltimore, MD 21230 (410) 261-RAVE (7283)