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They were held every 4 years

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Q: When was the Ancient Olympics Held?
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When was the ancient Olympics held Why?


In the ancient Olympics at the Athens how often were the Olympics held?

every year

Were the Olympics held in ancient Greece?


Which country were the ancient Olympics held?


Why were the events held on ancient Olympics?


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Where was the ancient Olympics held?

it was held in ancient Greece in Olympus

When was the first ancient Olympics held and where?

the first ancient Olympics where head in grease

What were the ancient Olympics held in?

Answer: Greece

What ancient Olympics are held?


When was the ancient Olympics held Why?


Where is the first Olympics held?

it was in the ancient greece the first olympics

How often were the ancient Olympics held how often are the modern Olympics held?

both are/were held every 4 years, or as the ancient Greeks called it, every olympiad

When was the first Ancient Olympics held?

held in 776 BC

When the ancient Olympics first held?

held in 776 BC

What year was the Olympics originally held?

The ancient Olympics are first recorded as being held in 776 BC.The modern Olympics were first held in 1896.

Where was the first Olympics first held?

Both the first ancient Olympics and the first modern Olympics were held in Greece.

Where was the Ancient Greece Olympics held?

Olympia, hence the name 'Olympics'