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The NFL adopted the 2 point conversion in 1994.

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Q: When was the 2 point conversion adopted in the NFL?
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What year was the 2 point conversion introduced into NFL football?

The NFL adopted the 2 point conversion in 1994.

When was the first 2 point conversion used in the NFL?

I belive it was 1992 and the NFL adopted it from the USFL of the 80s.

Is the 2 point conversion still in the NFL?

yes it is.

When did the 2 point conversion start in the nfl?


When did the 2 point conversion rule come to the NFL?

The rule was adopted in 1994. Before the AFL/NFL merger, the AFL used it for its first ten seasons, from 1960-69.

Can a interception be return for a towndown in a NFL 2 point conversion?

(NFL)Play is Dead after interception of conversion. NCAA you can return it for 2 points.

Who scored the first 2 point conversion in the NFL?


What scoring option was added to the NFL in 1994?

2 point conversion

In football when do you go for a two-point conversion based on the score?

Click on the Related Links below for the NFL 2 point conversion chart.

How can the defense score on a 2 point conversion in the NFL?

Fumble recovery for TD or interception for TD

When did the extra point rules change in American football from one to 2 points?

The NFL began allowing 2-point-conversion attempts in 1994.

If a two-point conversion is intercepted can it be ran back for a touchdown?

In the NFL, no. In other levels of football, yes, and it is worth 2 points.

Who was the first team to successfully complete a 2 point conversion in the nfl?

Cleveland Browns against the Cincinnati Bengals on September 4, 1994. The Browns actually faked a PAT kick and holder Tom Tupa ran into the end zone for the first NFL two point conversion.

If a team scores a touchdown and chooses to go for a two point conversion and the pass gets intersepted and returned how many points is it for the defence?

in the NFL the ball is immediately dead if it is intercepted on a 2-point conversion...the defense can never score on a PAT

Can a fumbled snap on an extra point conversion be run back by the defense for a touchdown?

In college football, yes, except it counts as a 2-point "defensive conversion," not a touchdown. In the NFL, no. As soon as the defense takes possession, the ball would be dead.

What team scored the first 2 point conversion in the nfl?

Cleveland Browns...and to answer another question that goes along with this - the player was Tom Tupa... What year

Can a 2 point conversion fumbled be run back for a touchdown?

no it can't it will just stop them from making the 2 point conversion which sucks but that is the facts.

How much is a 2 point conversion worth?

2 points

Was there a 2 point conversion before 1994?


Can the defense score on a two point conversion attempt?

Not in the NFL. Once the offense loses control of the ball -- with an incomplete pass, interception, or tackle -- the play is dead. In college and Canadian football, however, the defense can return the ball and score a 2-point defensive conversion.

When was the first 2 point conversion in college football?

The modern-era two point conversion, by run or pass, started in 1958.

When was 2-point conversion introduced to college football?


What does 2PC mean in fantasy football?

2 point conversion

How are is the scoring calculated in NFL football?

Touchdown = 6 points Conversion or "try" = 1 point if kicked, 2 points if pass/run Field goal = 3 points Safety = 2 points

What are the 2 ways a football team can score 2 points?

Safety and a 2-point conversion