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The U.S. Soccer Federation celebrated its 90-year anniversary in 2003 so soccer was first played in the US in 1913!

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Q: When was soccer first introduced to the US?
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When was soccer first introduced to Australia and by who?

soccer was introduced in 1880

What Country introduced soccer to the US?


When was soccer first introduced at the Olympic Games?

1900 was the first year soccer was played in Olympics.

How was soccer introduced in the US?

soccer was made in china and so an through othe continents

Where was soccer first introduced?

Japan or China not sure which

Why is soccer not as well attended in the US?

Soccer is probably not as well attended in the US then other countries because it was introduced later. US's first popular sports were football, basketball, and baseball. Therefore, people in the US liked these sports more. As soccer was introduced to the US, more and more people began liking it. Eventually I can see soccer becoming as popular as basketball and football but i predict that it will take a couple years.

When was soccer introduced to the US?

never becausee football is already here.

When were sports introduced in schools?

Schools have been introduced to sports for hundreds of years. The first sport was soccer that was introduced to British schools.

Where was the Olympics when soccer was introduced?

Soccer (Football) was first played in 1900 Olympics and the first FIFA recognized game was in 1908 Olympics.

When soccer first came to the US what was it called?


What year was soccer introduced in the Olympic Games?

Soccer was introduced in the Olympic Games in 1990.

When was the first soccer game in the US?

The first soccer game was held in the year 1885.

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when was the first cell phone introduced

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The first black professional soccer player in the US was andrew watson

Who introduced soccer?


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Kudzu was introduced to the US in 1876 at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, as an ornamental plant

Who first played soccer in the us?

Harry Mitcham did

When was the offside rule for soccer invented?

The Cambridge Rules, written in 1848, first introduced the concept of offside.

What year was the first compact disc introduced in the US?

The first compact discs were introduced in the United States in March 1983.

Clydesdale horses introduced into the US?

The Clydesdale horse was first introduced to the United States in 1842.

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Most horses in the US were introduced by the Spanish.

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