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The first competitive cricket was played in Australia in the early nineteenth century. Australia was soon followed by India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and then to the West Indies. The world-wide phenomenon of cricket dispersed and now many countries play cricket as a competitive sport.

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Q: When was professional cricket first played?
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When and where was cricket first played in Australia?

It was played in 1854 in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

When and where was the first ODI Cricket World Cup played?

The first ODI Cricket World Cup was played in 1975 in England.

Where was cricket first played?


What professional sports are played in the UK in June?

Cricket, tennis, golf, sailing etc.

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First cricket world cup was played in England between June 7 to 21, 1975

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JA Jameson played the first ball in icc cricket world cup.

When did England played his first Cricket Match?

England played his first official Cricket Match against Australia on 15 March 1877.

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When was the first one-day cricket played?

The first ODI was played on 5 January 1971 between Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.