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1994 -1995

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Q: When was last Major League Baseball Strike?
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What year did the first strike in major league baseball and how long did it last?

it lasted for 2 years and it was in1070

What was the last Major League Baseball team to intergrate?

Boston red sox American league

How many Major League Baseball players have had the last name Major?

According to, none. Odd, huh?

Who was the last player manager in Major League Baseball?

pete rose

For what Major League Baseball team did Kenny Rogers last pitch prior to his retirement?

Prior to his retirement, Kenny Rogers pitched for the Major League Baseball team, the Detroit Tigers. It's still unclear whether Kenny Rogers formally retired from Major League Baseball.

When was the last professional athlete strike?

The last major sports strike was the 2004-5 NHL lockout. If you don't consider that a strike, then the last was the 1994 MLB strike.

When was Sid Fernandez's last Major League Baseball appearance?

Sid Fernansez was a Major League Baseball pitcher born in 1962. He made his first appearance in the MLB was in 1983 when he was just 21 years old. His last MLB appearance was in 1997.

What is the average pitching speed of Major league baseball in last 3 decades?

around 92

Who was the last active player in Major League Baseball to have been in the Negro Leagues?

Hank Aaron was the last Negro League player to have a regular position in the Major League. Minnie Minoso was the last to actually play in a MLB game. (Two games for the White Sox in 1980.)

Which major league baseball team has most wins in last ten years?

New York Yankees

What day and year was Lou Gehrig's Last game in major league baseball?

April 30, 1939

When did Major League Baseball expand to 3 divisions?

MLB went to 30 teams in 1998 with the addition of the Tampa Bay Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks.