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Karate was not discovered. It was evolved over centuries and continues to evolve. Variations of what we call karate can be traced back several centuries.

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Q: When was karate first discovered?
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Who discovered kenpo karate?

Ed park founded American Kenpo Karate

What is the first belt in karate?

the first belt in karate is white

When did the first Karate Kid come out?

The first Karate Kid came out in 1984.

Who discovered karate?

{| |- | It wasn't discovered so much as it evolved over centuries. The origins of karate are shrouded in mystery. The Chinese came to Okinawa and brought with them kung fu. It was combined with the native art of Te and became karate. It became a necessity when King Sho Shin made the wearing of swords illegal in 1477. |}

What is the Japanese name for the first kata in karate?

In Sanchi Ryu Karate, the Japanese name for the first kata in this style of Karate is kata-ichi (also called first series, first action). Hope this helps!

Where was karate first found?

Japan and the meaning for karate was (Empty Hands)

How did Taylor Lautner get discovered?

Taylor Lautner did karate when he was young and his karate instructor advised him to start acting and he did and then he kept going for auditions and he got discovered. Did you know his first audition was a burger king one and that he almost missed out on being in new moon because he wasn't buff enough so he trained at the gym everyday and he got his abs and then he got the part again! :)

Which of the karate kids was George Segal in?

The old version or first version of Karate Kid.

Who was shotokan karate created by why is he so important?

Shotokan Karate was developed by Gichin Funakoshi. He was one of the first to bring Okinawan karate to Japan.

Why can't you use karate outside of karate school?

You can, but only in the act of avoiding serious harm to yourself or one who is under attack. To better understand some of the ideas that define karate, you might want to read a book called "The Twenty guiding principles of Karate" by Gichin Funakoshi (translated by John Teramoto). The second and third principles (chapters) of this book are titled "There is no first strike in karate" and "Karate stands on the side of justice". These words alone are enough to give you your answer.

Who played karate kid?

In the first three in the 80's Ralph Macchio played the original karate kid, and in the most recent Karate Kid Jaden Smith plays the karate kid.

When was the film karate kid created?

The first of The Karate Kid movies was released on June 22, 1984.

Where was karate first held?

Karate is not held, it is practiced. The forerunners of karate were Chinese White Crane Kung Fu combined with Okinawa Te about 300 years ago.

What is the first belt of karate?


Was karate first used in the military or by monks?

Probably neither would be the first to use it. Karate was developed on Okinawa and was a combination of kung fu and local wrestling.

Who was the first man to win an olympic gold medal for karate?

karate has never been an olympic sport unfortunatly.

What was the first country to say karate?

Karate is a word from Okinawa. It is now a part of Japan, but at the time was an independent kingdom.

Who is the first American to win the World Koshiki Karate Championship?

John Gaddy is the first American to win the World Koshiki Karate title 1985 in Brisbane, Australia.

Is the first belt white in karate?


What is color of first belt in karate?


What part of the islands first made karate?

Karate was developed on the island of Okinawa. It was a combination of the Okinawa wrestling and Chinese Kung Fu.

Does karate come from the Japanese?

Karate comes from a place named Okinawa, which is now a part of Japan, though it wasn't when it was first developed.

Who is the karate kid in karate kid part 2?

Ralph Macchio plays Daniel Larusso in both Karate Kid and Karate Kid 2. The first movie is set in Long Beach. The second is set in Okinawa, Japan.

Where was the first Karate school in the world?

The first 1 is probably where it stared.Okinawa, japan

Who was the first karate teacher?

That would be lost in history. Karate can be documented back in to the early 1800's and martial arts back many centuries. The various arts were blended and became karate on Okinawa in the late 1800's. Matsamora is considered by many to be the first known instructor.