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it was founded in 1863 ================ The first recorded football game in North America was played in Toronto, Canada, in 1861.

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Q: When was football first founded?
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When was the first Australian Rules football club founded?

The Melbourne Football Club which was founded on 14 May 1859.

When was football founded?

1820 football was founded

When was the first football soccer association founded England?


When did Fremantle Dockers football club get founded?

They were founded in 1994. Their first season in the AFL was 1995.

Football in 1860?

The Lausanne Football and Cricket Club was founded in 1860. This was one of the first clubs to play football.

When was the first ever Australian football league game?

Well the Melbourne Football Club was founded in 1858 and the Geelong Football Club was founded in 1859, so somewhere in between that.

Where are Tottenham Hotspur in the list of the oldest clubs in the football league?

Tottenham Hotspur was founded in 1882.Below is a list of the oldest teams Association Football in the United Kingdom;Sheffield Football Club - Founded : 1857Cambridge University Football Club - Founded : 1858 / 1859Wanderers Football Club - Founded : 1859Cray Wanderers Football Club - Founded : 1860Hallam Football Club - Founded : 1860Worksop Town Football Club - Founded : 1861Nottingham Football Club ( Later known as Notts County ) - Founded : 1862Bradford Football Club ( Later known as Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C. ) - Founded : 1863Royal Engineers Football Club - Founded : 1863Chesterfield Football Club - Founded : 1863Stoke Ramblers Football Club ( Later known as Stoke City ) - Founded : 1863Civil Service Football Club - Founded : 1863Wrexham Football Club - Founded : 1864Brigg Town Football Club - Founded : 1864Nottingham Forest Football Club - Founded : 1865Queens Park Football Club - Founded : 1867Sheffield Wednesday Football Club - Founded : 1867Fordingbridge Turks Football Club - Founded : 1868Kilmarnock Football Club - Founded : 1869Darwen Football Club - Founded : 1870Marlow Football Club - Founded : 1870Reading Football Club - Founded : 1871Rangers Football Club - Founded : 1872The list does go on and on, therefore Tottenham Hotspur would be around the 40th - 45th oldest team in the United Kingdom.

When was the Canadian Football League first founded?

January 19, 1958 is the date that the Canadian Football League was founded. It is the second oldest North American gridiron football league in operation.

What year did the American football league start?

The American Football League was founded and held its first games in 1960.

Who founded essendon football club?

Robert McCracken (founder and first president)

When was Liverpool football club founded?

1892 there first kit was blue and grey

What Year Was Football Founded?

The first American football game was a college game played in 1869. The National Football League was established in 1920.

When was Liverpool first made?

The first Liverpool as in the city was 1208 and Liverpool as in the football club was founded in 1892.

Who had first Death Valley lsu or clemson?

LSU. They were founded first, as a school and as a football program

Who founded Barcelona football club?

Duevals Maserda founded Barcelona football club.

Who is the founded father of American football?

Walter Camp is the founded father of American Football.

When Germany first play the soccer?

The Dresden English Football Club was the first recognised Football Club in Germany, it was established in 1874. The national Football Association (DFB) was founded in 1900.

When was the American Football League made?

The AFL was founded in 1959 and the first season was in 1960.

When did patriots become a football team?

The club was founded in 1959 and first played in 1960.

Who founded afl?

Lamar Hunt founded the Kansas City Chiefs in 1960 which was the first team in the new American Football League.

What was the first English football club?

Notts County are the oldest professional English club team. They were founded in 1862. The oldest football club are Sheffield F.C founded in 1857 Hope this helps.

Where was football founded?


What is the name of the first football club?

the world's oldest club is Sheffield FC, founded in 1857

In what Irish county were the first laws of Gaelic Football written down?

probably tipperary as it was founded there

When was lfc founded?

Liverpool Football Club was founded in 1892