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Q: When was chess introduced into Germany?
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When was chess brought to Britain?

Chess was introduced into Britain in 1066.

Who introduced chess game?

An Indian general

Which country introduced chess for first time?

The nation of India .

What countries play chess particularly?

It's been extremely popular in Russia ever since the Soviets introduced traditional chess schools.

Where was the system of democrscy first introduced?

germany germany

When was en passant introduced to chess?

The 'En Passant' move was added sometime in the 15th Century .

When was the euro introduced in germany?


When was castling move of chess game made?

According to one source, castling was introduced about 1555 a.d.

Which country is said to have introduced lattice multiplication?

The the country that is said to have introduced lattice is Germany

When was soccer introduced to Germany?

1899 someday

Where was the first television introduced to the public?


Which country made chess?

It is commonly believed that a game that later evolved into chess, called chaturanga, originated in India around the 6th century AD.