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According to there has never been a player with the last name 'Laszlo' on the roster. visit for verification. Did you mean Lyle Alzado? Lyle Alzado was admired by fans for his bone-jarring, aggressive playing style but was feared by opponents who faced his 6-foot 3-inch (1.91-meter), 260-pound (118-kilogram) hulking frame. He was a ferocious defensive lineman for the Denver Broncos (1971–79), Cleveland Browns (1979–82), and Los Angeles Raiders (1982–85).

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Q: When was a player with the last name of Laszlo on the Denver Broncos roster?
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John Elway

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A person named Bobby Turner is a running backs coach for the Broncos, but there's no record of a player by that name ever having been on the Roster.

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Yes. He briefly played for the Denver Broncos, however when he discovered that he would not be given a starting spot on the roster, he chose instead to retire.

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No , check the denver broncos roster where there .unless he.never.made.the roster in tht case he shud have letters proving tht situation

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Is James Hunter still on the Broncos roster?


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