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Q: When was a baton first used in a relay race?
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Who calls stick during a relay race?

The name of the stick that is used in a relay race is called a baton. However it has a nick name of a "Sprinter's Stick" also.

What do relay racer pass?


How do you put baton in a sentence?

She proudly twirled her baton in the July 4th parade. The police officer used his baton to keep the stray animal away from the child. The relay runners passed the baton smoothly and were able to win the race.

What is a baton?

A baton is stick that persons use to direct others, such as the conductor's baton directing the orchestra.It is the French word for 'stick'. It can also mean a rod or sceptre of some sort, such as is used to direct a parade.

A baton is used for which profession?

A conductor of music, a drum major, a staff used as a mark of authority and a member of a relay team

What body part is used to describe a stage in a relay race?


Identify the hand off techniques used in passing the baton on relay?

Transferring of the baton in this race is typically blind. The outgoing runner reaches a straight arm backwards when they enter the changeover box, or when the incoming runner makes a verbal signal. The outgoing runner does not look backwards, and it is the responsibility of the incoming runner to thrust the baton into the outstretched hand, and not let go until the outgoing runner takes hold of it. Runners on the first and third legs typically run on the inside of the lane with the baton in their right hand, while runners on the second and fourth legs take the baton in their left. Polished handovers can compensate for a lack of basic speed to some extent, and disqualification for dropping the baton or failing to transfer it within the box are common, even at the highest level.

How many people in a relay running race?

There are multiple relay races: 4x100, 4x100, distance medley, and other less used relays. Every relay has 4 members.

What is a medley race?

# a relay race in which each contestant must cover a different distance # a swimming race in which a different stroke must be used for each length of the pool

Could a relay race be used as a good model for a parallel or series circuit?

A relay race could be a good model of a series circuit. In any circuit, current flow is the daisy-chaining of electrons from atom to atom.

Explain semaphore concept in multiprogramming?

A semaphore is a service very often offered by real-time operating systems to allow programmers to perform one of two major functions: synchronize 2 tasks or control sharing of resources between 2 or more tasks. There are different kinds of semaphores, but one of the most common is called a binary semaphore. In this kind of semaphore, only 1 task at a time may "have" the semaphore. The simplest way to think of the binary semaphore might be to consider the semaphore like a baton and there is only one baton. Say if you want to allow only 1 person to speak at a time (consider people to be tasks), then you make a rule that only the person holding the baton may speak. A person wanting to speak will go and pick up the baton. If nobody else has it, he may speak. If someone else has it, he must wait until the baton is put down by whoever has it. This is the "sharing resources" way a semaphore is used. The task synchronization usage, similarly can be thought of using this baton. Just as in a relay race where one person cannot start until another passes the baton, a binary semaphore can be used to synchronize two tasks by giving one task the semaphore, having the second one wait for the semaphore, and then having the first give it to the second. The two tasks will be synchronized at the point the semaphore is passed from the first to the second just as a baton is passed from one runner to the next in a relay race. You can have semaphores other than binary semaphores, which are called counting semaphores. Counting semaphores are just binary semaphores generalized to more than the 2 values of 0 and 1, to some value n.

What is acceleration zone in track and field?

The exchange zone on a 400 meter track is 20 meters long. For races involving 200 meter legs or less, a 10 meter acceleration zone may be marked on the track and used by the runner receiving the baton to accelerate to match speed with the incoming runner. With or without an acceleration zone, the baton must still be exchanged within the official 20 meter zone.