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Women's Premier Soccer League was created in 1997.

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Q: When was Women's Premier Soccer League created?
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What is a good soccer team in Oklahoma?

The Womens Premier Soccer League team the Oklahoma Alliance has qualified for the first stage of the playoffs three of the four years that they have been in that league.

Who are the womens premier league champions?

It is Arsenal ladies team.

What is the USA's womens soccer league called?

MLS nothing changed

What womens sports play a salary?

Womens National Basketball League (WNBA), Soccer,Tennis,Golf....That's all I can think of , SORRY =(...

How many professional soccer teams are there in the US?

Total Professional Teams 76 Mens teams include 12 from Major League Soccer (MLS) 12 from the First Division United Soccer League (USL) 9 from the Second Division United Soccer League (USL) 6 teams in the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) Womens teams include 37 teams in the W-League a part of the USL

Is Florida famous for soccer?

Maybe womens "soccer"

What is the name of the Australia's national womens soccer team?

the nickname of the austraian womens soccer team were the Slutkittens

Who has won the football quadruple?

Glasgow Celtic are the only men's team to have accomplished the feat, doing so in the 1966-67 season. They won the Scottish Football League, the Scottish Cup, the Scottish League Cup and the European Cup. Celtic also won the local Glasgow Cup competition that season (therefore a possible Quintruple).Arsenal Ladies are the only team in women's football to have won a quadruple, winning the FA Womens Premier League, the FA Womens Cup, the FA Womens Premier League Cup and the Uefa Womens Cup in the 2006-07 season.

Who is the best soccer player in US womens soccer?

thats an opinion

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