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Q: When was Wimbledon centre court opened?
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How many people does Wimbledon center court hold?

The capacity of Wimbledon Centre Court at the time of the 2009 Championships is 15,000.

What is the main court at Wimbledon called?

Centre Court

Where are the men semi finals at Wimbledon played?

In the Centre Court

What was the 2009 addition to Wimbledon's centre court?

retractable roof

When was Earls Court Exhibition Centre opened?

The Earls Court Exhibition Centre opened on the date, September 1, 1937.

How often do they lay centre court Wimbledon?

Every six weeks...

What type of court does Venus Williams prefer?

Venus Williams prefers the Wimbledon Centre Court, a grass court, where she has won 5 championships.

When is the Women's Singles final at Wimbledon 2010?

It will be played at Centre Court on Saturday, July 3rd.

Can you solve this ditloid 80 MPRR on W's CC?

80 MPRR on Wimbledon's Centre Court

When was Earls Court ExhibitionCentre opened?

Earls Court Exhibition Centre is an indoor arena in United Kingdom and was opened on 1939.

How often is Wimbledon centre court re laid?

Every thursday when the sun is at its highest point and becker and murray get it on

How many games played at Wimbledon?

Since the improvements to Centre Court there are 15,000 audience seats.