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WCW vs. the World was created in 1997.

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Q: When was WCW vs. the World created?
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When did WCW vs. the World happen?

WCW vs. the World happened in 1997.

What are the ratings and certificates for WCW vs- the World - 1997 VG?

WCW vs- the World - 1997 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

When was WCW World Heavyweight Championship created?

WCW World Heavyweight Championship was created in 1991.

Is their a wcw video game?

yes there is there are some wcw games in game over Yeh there are 10 wcw games. wcw backstage assault wcw mayhem wcw nitro wcw super brawl wrestling wcw the main event wcw vs nwo world tour wcw vs the world wcw wrestling wcw/nwo revenge wcw/nwo thunder

What are the ratings and certificates for WCW vs- NWO World Tour - 1997 VG?

WCW vs- NWO World Tour - 1997 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

How do you view the WCW roster in smackdown vs raw 2009?

Its no roster there, use your created superstars/divas, and put them in WcW brand on finalize...

How do you do a finisher on wcw vs nwo world tour 64?

strong grapple and then use the middle stick

Who created wcw?

Ted tunner created wcw.

Is Wcw in Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

Yes, unlock WCW and the WCW Championship by going through Chris Jericho's "Road to Wrestlemania".

How do you pin in wcw vs nwo world tour?

You press the c down while beside the down wrestler.

When was WCW WorldWide created?

WCW WorldWide was created in 1975.

When was WCW Wrestling created?

WCW Wrestling was created in 1990-03.

When was WCW Power Hour created?

WCW Power Hour was created in 1989.

When was WCW Main Event created?

WCW Main Event was created in 1988.

When was WCW Hall of Fame created?

WCW Hall of Fame was created in 1993.

When was WCW Thunder created?

WCW Thunder was created on 1998-01-08.

When was WCW Hardcore Championship created?

WCW Hardcore Championship was created in 1999.

When was WCW Saturday Night created?

WCW Saturday Night was created in 1972-01.

When was WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling created?

WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling was created in 1994-11.

Was wcw real?

World Championship Wrestling (WCW) was not real. WCW is just like World Wide Wrestling (WWW) where the wrestlers are actors.

When was WCW Backstage Assault created?

WCW Backstage Assault was created on 2000-12-01.

When was WCW Monday Nitro created?

WCW Monday Nitro was created on 1995-09-04.

When was Pigface Vs. the World created?

Pigface Vs. the World was created on 2005-03-28.

When was WCW Nitro - video game - created?

WCW Nitro - video game - was created in 1998-01.

When did WCW World Heavyweight Championship end?

WCW World Heavyweight Championship ended in 2001.