When was Saint Gobain founded?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Established in 1665 as part of France's King Louis XIV's royal glassworks, Saint-Gobain manufactured the glass used in Versaille's Galerie des glaces (the Hall of Mirrors)

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Q: When was Saint Gobain founded?
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What is Saint-Gobain's population?

Saint-Gobain's population is 2,010.

When did Saint Gobain die?

Saint Gobain died in 670.

What is the population of Saint-Gobain?

The population of Saint-Gobain is 187,890.

When was Saint-Gobain created?

Saint-Gobain was created in 1665.

What is Saint-Gobain Gyproc India's population?

Saint-Gobain Gyproc India's population is 500.

What is the price of saint gobain lacquered glass?

I have purchased lacquered glass of saint gobain @ 215 plus Vat..

When was Jean Louis Beffa COO of Saint Gobain?

Saint-Gobain, 1982-1986, chief operating officer

What year did Saint Gobain purchase Poliet?

In 1996 Saint-Gobain acquired Poliet, a leading building-materials distributor in France

How old was Jean Louis Beffa when he joined Saint Gobain?

Upon recommendation from the Corps des Mines, Beffa joined Saint-Gobain in 1974 at the age of 33.

You want email ID of saint gobain MD?


What is the price of sun ban glass of saint gobain?

Plain glass

What has the author Bernard Hartemann written?

Bernard Hartemann has written: 'B.S.N. contre Saint Gobain' -- subject(s): Boussois Souchon Neuvesel, s.a., Case studies, Saint-Gobain, s.a., Tender offers (Securities)