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Preston North End Football Club was formed in 1881.

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Q: When was Preston north end formed?
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Who is the owner of Preston North End?

The owner of Preston North End in England is Preston North End plc.

When was Preston North End F.C. created?

Preston North End F.C. was created in 1881.

What division does Preston North End participate in?

The division that Preston North End participates in is the League One in England.

What Number is Simon whaley for Preston North End FC?

Simon Whaley is number 15 for Preston North End F.C

What are the initials of 'Preston North End'?

PNE is the initials of the football club Preston North End. They are also known as the Lilly whites.

Where do Preston north end play?


When did Preston North - UK Parliament constituency - end?

Preston North - UK Parliament constituency - ended in 1983.

Where do Preston North end play football?

Preston North End play at Deepdale stadium in Lancashire. They have played there since they where first created as a club.

What has the author Dave Russell written?

Dave Russell has written: 'Preston North End' -- subject(s): Preston North End Football Club

Who manages Preston north end?

Graham Westley.

Who is a Preston North End Legend?

There are many Preston North End Legends such as Bill Shankly, Alan Kelly etc. However i will say that Sir Tom Finney is the biggest living Legend for Preston at the moment.

Which two teams in England's top four divisions don't have to wear a change strip if they choose?

Preston North End & Reading Preston North End & Reading

Which football tam plays at north end?

If you mean 'team' it is Preston North End! Hope this helps!

David Beckham education?

he went to preston north end

Who is Preston north end's legendendary player?


What is the name of the best football team?

Preston north end *********

How many trophies have Preston north end won?


Who is the manager of Preston north end now?

Phil Brown

What was david beckhams number when he was on Preston north end?


Where does Preston north end play their home games?


Where does the Preston north end play there home games?


Who were the first team to win the fa cup?

Preston North End

What football team does graham dott support?

Preston north end

Who did David Beckham go on loan to in 1995?

Preston North End.

What was David Beckham's shirt number at Preston North End?

It was 4