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No, Oklahoma State was just in the last final four in 2004 when UCONN won it all. They took 4th place.

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Q: When was Oklahoma State last in a final four?
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When was Oklahoma State University last in a Final Four?

OSU played Georgia Tech in the Final Four in 2004. Before that, 1995 against UCLA.ya

When was the last time Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State in football?

Last year the final score was 47-41 but the cowboys won this year with the final score being 44-10

Which US state was the last state to declare Christmas as a holiday?

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Who has most final four appearances last 20 years?

Michigan State has the most final 4 appearances

What was the last college team to go undefeated and not make the final four?

norh Carolina state

When is the last time Wichita State University Men's Basketball team go to the Final Four?

Wichita State has only made 1 appearance in the NCAA Men's Final Four in 1965.

What teams made the final four last year?

North Carolina Michigan State Connecticut Villanova

Who was the last undefeated Final Four team?

The last team to enter the Final Four without a loss was UNLV in 1991.

When was the last time Oklahoma State beat Oklahoma in football?

November 30, 2002 Oklahoma State won 38-28.

What was the last state to have the last land grab in the homestead act?


When was the last time Oklahoma State beat Oklahoma?

Alabama has not beaten Oklahoma State. The teams have met only once, the 2006 Independence Bowl, with Oklahoma State winning 34-31.

Which state was the final state to vote on the 19th amendment?

Tennessee was the last and final state

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