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OSU played Georgia Tech in the Final Four in 2004. Before that, 1995 against UCLA.ya

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Q: When was Oklahoma State University last in a Final Four?
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When was Oklahoma State last in a final four?

No, Oklahoma State was just in the last final four in 2004 when UCONN won it all. They took 4th place.

How many times has Murray State University been in Final Four?

Murray State has never been in the Final Four.

Name three to four degrees for Oklahoma University?

Degrees offered at Oklahoma State University:Bachelor'sMaster'sDoctoralFirst Professional

Who were the final four in college basketball in 1995?

UCLA, Arkansas, Oklahoma State and North Carolina.

Which final four team is from a state capital?

There have been a number of Final Four teams from state capitals, the most recent being Ohio State University (Columbus) in 2012 and Butler University (Indianapolis) in 2010 and 2011.

What coaches have lead two different teams to the Final Four?

Eddie Sutton--Kentucky and Oklahoma State

How many Final Four appearances does Kansas State University have?

13 times as of 2008

What years has Oklahoma state been in the final four?

As of 2008: 2004, 1995, 1951, 1949, 1946, 1945

What is the requirements to go to Oklahoma state university?

Oklahoma State University is committed to helping qualified students get admitted to OSU to begin earning their college degrees. Visit to learn about the four admission options.

How many times has Louisiana state university made a final four appearance?


Has Arizona State University been in final four basketball?

Nope. Zilch, Nada

What schools in the March Madness final four is the oldest state university in the US?

Its the Tar Heels