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Nederlandse Real Tennis Bond was created in 1986.

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Q: When was Nederlandse Real Tennis Bond created?
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Hobart Real Tennis Club was created in 1875.

When was Cambridge University Real Tennis Club created?

Cambridge University Real Tennis Club was created in 1866.

When was Royal County of Berkshire Real Tennis Club created?

Royal County of Berkshire Real Tennis Club was created in 1953.

Which James Bond married tennis star Pam Shriver in real life?

George Lazenby

What was the original name for tennis?

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yes tennis is real sport. form,amisha

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What are the differences between lawn tennis real tennis and royal tennis?

Refer to the link, below.

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Tennis probably originated in France; the ball being hit with the palm of the hand. The game was developed into Real Tennis in England and was particularly liked by Henry VIII. Modern tennis (or lawn tennis) was developed in England from Real Tennis.