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NAIA Women's Basketball Championships was created in 1981.

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Q: When was NAIA Women's Basketball Championships created?
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When was NAIA Basketball Tournament Most Valuable Player created?

NAIA Basketball Tournament Most Valuable Player was created in 1939.

How many national championships does lipscomb University have?

Two NAIA baseball championships (1977, 1979), and one in men's basketball (1986).

When was NAIA Expressway created?

NAIA Expressway was created on 2009-05-30.

When was NAIA Football Player of the Year Award created?

NAIA Football Player of the Year Award was created in 1997.

What NAIA mens basketball coach has the most wins and how many?

Danny miles

1984 NAIA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament?

Fort Hays State

What is the salary for an assistant NAIA college basketball coach?

Around $40,000,000-$60,000,000 an year

All time leading scorer in college basketball?

In Men's NCAA basketball, it is Travis Grant of Kentucky State. In NAIA basketball, it is John Pierce of David Lipscomb College. In women's basketball, it is Jackie Stiles of Southwest Missouri State.

How does an athlete register with NAIA?

The official clearinghouse for NAIA eligibility is PlayNAIA. Every student who wishes to play sports at an NAIA college must register with the NAIA eligibility center.

How many division I men's basketball teams does the state of Ohio have?

Ohio has around 11 DI colleges, 1 DII college, and an NAIA DI college.

How many naia football teams are there?

92 NAIA football teams I believe.

Do naia players make it to the nfl?


How many current NFL players came from NAIA football programs?

Six current NFL players came from NAIA football programs.

What university has the most national football championships?

This is a non-specific question. There are four genuine national champions every year determined through playoff systems. Divisions I-AA, II, III, and NAIA. There is one national champion determined each year through a combination of voting and computer rankings: BCS. However, if you don't worry about that distinction between championships which are determined by votes and championships which are determined by actual competition on the field, then the answer is Princeton University with 24 championships.

What year did Peru State win the NAIA National Championship in football?

Peru State won the NAIA National Division II Championship in 1990.

When is naia signing day?

There is no specific date designated for athletes to sign with NAIA schools. Players can sign letters to attend these schools at any time.

How many Major League Baseball players came from NAIA?

Since 2006 231 NAIA players have been drafted in the Summer Amateur Draft.

What Airport is found at La Crosse?

naia 1

What does naia stand for?

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Is there any ATMs inside the NAIA airport?


Does naia schools give soccer scholarships?

yes they do

Who are the tallest college basketball players?

The CURRENT tallest basketball player is 7-foot-8 (that's 92 inches), Paul Sturgess.The 21-year-old signed with NAIA power Mountain State University recently and will suit up for the Cougars this 2009-2010 season.

What is naia in hawaiian?

Kanaka naia were the "people" who lived in the sea surrounding the island, meaning dolphins/ opposed to kanaka maoli who were the native people who lived on the lands.

How many division 2 and 3 NCAA basketball teams are there?

According the website, there are 325 teams in Division I, 265 teams in Division II, 325 teams in Division III and 259 teams in NAIA.

Who is the college basketball player to score the most points in a game?

Clarence 'Bevo' Francis of Rio Grande (NAIA/Division Two) scored 113 points against Hillsdale College on 02/02/54.