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Montefiore Club was created in 1880.

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Q: When was Montefiore Club created?
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When was Montefiore Synagogue created?

Montefiore Synagogue was created in 1833.

When was Montefiore Windmill created?

Montefiore Windmill was created in 1857.

When was Montefiore Medical Center created?

Montefiore Medical Center was created in 1884.

What is Montefiore Conca's population?

The population of Montefiore Conca is 1,873.

When was Santa Montefiore born?

Santa Montefiore was born in 1970.

When was Fausto Montefiore born?

Fausto Montefiore was born in 1906.

When was Dora Montefiore born?

Dora Montefiore was born in 1851.

When did Hugh Montefiore die?

Hugh Montefiore died in 2005.

What is the population of Montefiore dell'Aso?

The population of Montefiore dell'Aso is 2,220.

When did Dora Montefiore die?

Dora Montefiore died in 1933.

When was Moses Montefiore born?

Moses Montefiore was born in 1784.

When was Hugh Montefiore born?

Hugh Montefiore was born in 1920.