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Minor League Baseball Yearly - MiLBY - Awards was created in 2005.

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Q: When was Minor League Baseball Yearly - MiLBY - Awards created?
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Who started the major league baseball organization?

Depends what you mean by "major league" baseball. The first national baseball organization that attempted to set rules, create team schedules, and declare a yearly champion was the National Association of Baseball Players; which was founded in 1871. To this day, neither Major League Baseball nor the Hall of Fame consider this organization to be a "major" league; although many historians do. The National League, an organization still in existence, was founded in 1876.

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The Major League Baseball Rule 4 Draft is the First Year Player Draft the Rule 5 Draft is for minor leaguers not on the 40 man roster but what are rules 1 2 and 3?

There are no Rule 1, Rule 2 or Rule 3 drafts for Major League Baseball, all they have for drafts are the Rule 4 draft which is the First-Year Player Draft that is held in June on a yearly basis and the Rule 5 draft which is yearly held in December.

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The first team to openly pay its players was the Cincinnati Red Stockings, doing so in 1869. However, they were not part of any league -- they simply played anyone who agreed to play them. The first national organization that attempted to set rules, schedules, and declare yearly champions was the National Association of Baseball Players, which started in 1871. To this day, neither Major League Baseball nor the Hall of Fame consider this organization to be a "major" league; although many historians do so. The National League -- an organization that continues to this day -- was founded in 1876.

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