When was Millwall FC started?

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It was founded in 1885, as Millwall Rovers

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Q: When was Millwall FC started?
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How long have millwall fc been playing in the premiership?

Millwall have never been in the premiership

What is a Millwall FC used for?

Millwall FC refers to the Millwall Football Club, an English professional football club. The club plays in the Football League Championship and has a generally popular following of hooligans.

Who is the closest football team to London town center?

Millwall FC

Who is the best football team in London?

The answer is Millwall FC. Come on you lions!!

What football team did Winston Churchill support?

Millwall FC. He made many trips to the london club after his spell in power and is said to have been a big fan.

Which football ground is closest to bow bells?

Wrong.. Millwall 2.6 Miles Arsenal 2.9 Miles West Ham 3.6 Miles

Which players have played for both millwall and west ham?

Teddy Sheringham Trever Morley Tony Cottee The Millwall keeper(forget his name) started at West Ham plus Billy Bonds has managed Millwall

How much is Tim Cahill?

Tim Cahill was transferred from Millwall FC on 23-Jul-2004 for a report fee of £1.5m.

When was Chelsea fc started?

Chelsea FC was founded in 1905.

Is John Terry of Chelsea related to ex player Pat Terry of Millwall?

No, John Terry of Chelsea FC is not related to Patrick Alfred Terry

What was the score in the last 10 matches between millwall fc and crystal palace fc?

Football League Championship, 18-02-2006 Millwall 1-1 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 03-12-2005 Crystal Palace 1-1 Millwall Football League Championship, 26-12-2003 Crystal Palace 0-1 Millwall Football League Championship, 30-08-2003 Millwall 1-1 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 21-04-2003 Millwall 3-2 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 07-12-2002 Crystal Palace 1-0 Millwall Football League Championship, 26-12-2001 Millwall 3-0 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 08-09-2001 Crystal Palace 1-3 Millwall Football League Championship, 30-03-1996 Millwall 1-4 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 22-10-1995 Crystal Palace 1-2 Millwall

Are millwall a good football team?

yes they are very good at fighting we're not the best team ever right now, but we WILL be back, and we were the best before Chelsea and Arsenal and the likes started money laundering, nobody else has a chance. For now. It won't last, you see, and Millwall FC will be up there with the true greats like Spurs and Everton. Up the blue and whites! UP THE LIONS!!!

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