When was Mike Tomczak divorced?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Tomczak has been married and divorced twice. Details in terms of settlements, etc were kept quiet by agreement of both parties in each instance.

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Q: When was Mike Tomczak divorced?
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What is the birth name of Mike Tomczak?

Mike Tomczak's birth name is Michael John Tomczak.

When was Mike Tomczak born?

Mike Tomczak was born on October 23, 1962, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Who was the OSU quarterback in 1983?

Mike Tomczak.

Who was the black quarterback that played back-up to Mike Tomczak?

Kordell Stewart played backup to Mike Tomczak in the 1996 season for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who wore number 80 for the Chicago Bears in 1990?

QB Mike Tomczak wore #18 for the Bears from 1985-1990.

How tall is Mike Tomczak?

If you mean the producer Mike Tompkins, then he's around 6 feet tall.

How many times has mike tomczak been married?


Who was the quarter back for the 1985 OSU Rose Bowl Team?

Mike Tomczak.

Who was Kordell Stewarts backup at quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1998?

Mike Tomczak

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback in 1993?

Neil O'Donnell was the starter and Mike Tomczak was the backup.

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterbacks from 1990 through 1995?

1990 - Bubby Brister (16 games)1991 - Bubby Brister (8), Neil O'Donnell (8)1992 - Neil O'Donnell (12), Bubby Brister (4)1993 - Neil O'Donnell (15), Mike Tomczak (1)1994 - Neil O'Donnell (14), Mike Tomczak (2)1995 - Neil O'Donnell (12), Mike Tomczak (4)

Who was the starting quarterback on the 1996 Pittsburgh Steelers?

In 1996, Mike Tomczak was the Steelers starting quarterback.