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Michael Jordan Rookie year was in 1984.

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Q: When was Michael Jordans rookie season?
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How much is Michael jordans rookie card worth?

The fleer one is $15,995.00 for a gem 10!

When did Michael Jordan begin in the nba?

1985-1985 season. he was the rookie of the year. 1984-1985 season. he was the rookie of the year.

What is the value of a 1984 missing links productions Michael Jordan olympic rookie card?

They are very rare cards, and some say it should be Michael Jordans true rookie card. They sometimes sell between $175.00- $250.00.

Who made jordans?

Michael Jordans

What are Michael Jordans nacknames?

Michael Jordans nicknames are "Air Jordan",and "His airness"

Which basketball player was the Rookie of the Year in the 1984-85 season?

Michael Jordan

How much is a lebron James 2003 mvp rookie card worth?

not much, wait Ike 20 years then sell i. chances are he will become someone around Michael jordans rank. not as high as Michael Jordan, but close

Who was Michael jordans wife?

Michael Jordans wife was julia juanita. Juanita Vanoy but they are divorced.

Is this season Tim Tebow's rookie season?

No. His rookie season was 2010.

What year was LeBron James the first pick in NBA?

LeBron was drafted in the 2003 NBA draft. He played his first season (his rookie season) during the 2003-2004 NBA season. Known to be the next Michael Jordan, he averaged an astounding 20 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds as a rookie. Only three others have ever done that in their rookie season in the history of the NBA, including Tyreke Evans, Michael Jordan, and Oscar Robertson.

Where was the first pair of Jordans invented?

The first pair of Jordans was the Nike Air Jordan 1 which was released in 1985 in Jordan's rookie year.

Did they ever find a body for Micheal jordans dad?

Michael jordans daddy

Who are Michael Jordans daughters?

Michael Jordans only daughter is called Jasmine. He has 2 sons Jeffrey and Marcus.

Did Nike invent Jordans or Jordans invented Nike?

nike invented the jordans but later it got modified by Michael Jordan

When was Tom Brady a rookie on the patriots?

His rookie season was the 2000 season

How many years was Michael Jordan in the league before he win his first championship?

1, he won in his rookie season.

Michael jordans rookie card 84 85?

if it's not signed it could be worth around 2 bucks, but with the signature, it could be worth 75 bucks. For a real in depth run down of his various rookie card options, check out the related link below.

What is Michael Jordans birth name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

What is Michael Jordan's IQ?

154 is Michael jordans IQ

What was Michael Jordans special talent?

michael can sing,dance,

Was last season joe flaccos rookie season?

Yes, the 2008 NFL season was Joe Flacco's rookie season.

What year did Michael Jordan win rookie of the year?

Michael Jordan won Rookie of the year at the end of his rookie year in 1985.

Who was Michael Jordans guider?


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