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Q: When was Michael Brown captain of the Chicago Bears?
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What is James Brown's number on the Chicago Bears?

James Brown is number 78 on the Chicago Bears.

What University did Mike Brown of the Chicago Bears attend?

Mike Brown attended the University of Nebraska.

What position does James Brown play?

James Brown plays Offensive Tackle for the Chicago Bears.

What college did NFL player James Brown play for?

No, but he played basketball at Harvard.

Are there black and brown bears in Pennsylvania?

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What number is Mike Browns jersey number?

Mike Brown, player for the Chicago Bears, jersey number is #30.

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Where is mike brown the safety for the Chicago Bears?

Brown signed a one year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs in June, 2009 for a reported base salary of $900,000.

Who were the quarterbacks in the NFL championship game in 1956?

The starters were Charlie Conerly for the New York Giants and Ed Brown for the Chicago Bears.

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