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I think the MLB was first called the MLB in 1845 when Alexander Cartwright made called it that and made the first rules of the game

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2011-05-20 12:34:16
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Q: When was MLB first called MLB?
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Who was the first player in the Major League Baseball?

The first MLB was in 1871 and called the National Association. There were nine teams in the League representing the cities of Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Washington, New York, Troy, Ft. Wayne, Cleveland, and Rockford. Each team had 12 or 13 players, two or three being pitchers. So there really wasn't a 'first' player in the MLB, it was more like the 'first' teams in the MLB. If you click on the 'First MLB Game' link on this page, you can read about the first MLB game ever played. The date was May 4, 1871.

Who was the first person to throw a curve ball in the MLB?

Mordecai Brown was the first person to throw a curveball. They called him "the three fingered pitcher"

When is the first MLB game in 2011?

Whare is the MLB exhibition games palyed

When was the first MLB draft?


What were the names of the players in the first baseball game?

Click on the 'First MLB Game' link on this page to read about the first game in MLB history and to see who played in it.

What is MLB debut?

An MLB Debut is when a player makes his first appearance onto the field or at the plate

Which MLB team was the first to have a mascot?

the philles

Where was the first MLB team located?


How do you renew your mlbtv account?

First sign in with your old MLB account and then go to the MLB TV section

Did the MLB player Miguel Cabrera hit a Home Run in his first MLB at bat?

No, he hit a walk off home run in his first major league game but it was not his first at-bat.

What MLB team did Jackie Robinson face in his first MLB game?

The Chicago cubs in June 25 2009

Against what team did Hideki Matsui hit his first grand slam?

In MLB, the Minnesota Twins. Matsui hit his first MLB grand slam on April 8, 2003 off of Joe Mays of the Minnesota Twins. It was his first ever MLB home run.

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